The guest bedroom can often be overlooked and used as a catch-all space. But what would happen if we gave these areas as much attention as our living rooms or dining rooms? Guest bedrooms are a great way to experiment with different design styles and can also provide a much-needed refuge. Here are a few of our favorite guest room ideas that will help guarantee your spare room is anything but spare.

How to Create a Stylish Guest Bedroom 

Add Seating

Every guest likes a little privacy. If space allows, don’t hesitate to add a seating area to your guest room.

Guest Bedroom

Additional seating gives your guests the freedom to use the room for more than just sleep.

Show Off Your Art

Don’t be afraid to hang your best art in low-traffic areas. Let it serve as the focal point!

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Add your own personal touch by showcasing your favorite art.

Get Funky!

Use your guest room to experiment with wallpaper, color, and design elements. Keep the room interesting and eye-catching.

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Use your guest room to experiment.

Add Flowers

Welcome guests with a bouquet of fresh flowers. Some fuss-free options that won’t quickly droop include hydrangeas, lilies, and roses.


If you don’t have time to grab an arrangement, snip some greenery from your garden or temporarily relocate a houseplant to the guest room.

Create a Restful Space

Painting your guest room a dark, moody color is not only unexpected but can create a relaxing, cave-like feel that helps lull your guests to sleep after a tiring day.

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Give your guests a great night of sleep so they can be ready for a full day of sightseeing or quality time.

After following these tips, try to be understanding when your guests don’t want to leave!

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