Transforming a cramped, outdated ranch-style home into a playful and energetic abode was a task we were excited to take on! The inhabitants of this Nashville home desired interiors with a feminine feel — lots of pinks, curved lines, and soft complementing colors. Another high priority goal for the house was functional and open, communal spaces. By removing walls and reimaging every inch of the home’s original floor plan, the design made this dream a reality.

Before & After:

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All Pink Everything: A Feminine Home Renovation

“Working with a client with a clear sense of style and who is willing to take risks is always a delight,” Beth says. “We took their fondness for mid-century modern design and the Palm Springs aesthetic and got to work, keeping some of the original architectural features of the home while reimagining the rest. The result is a space that exudes playful sophistication with LOTS of fun and unexpected sherbet shades.”

Take a look!

Screen Shot 2022 11 07 at 5.11.31 PM

In the kitchen, the island tile inspired the entire kitchen design. Notice the curves of the light fixtures, cabinetry hardware and appliance pulls and the sprinkling of all things pink. Keeping the window trim and shelves a natural color, harmonize with the kitchen’s gold finishes.  Architectural accents unite with interior finishes make for a perfect marriage in this kitchen.


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The storage on each side of the bar features pill-shaped cutouts with caning that mimic the window trim in the kitchen. Both the window finish and natural panels in the dining room neutralize the pink, creating a chic feel rather than a childlike one.


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This closet-turned-powder room showcases tongue-in-cheek wallpaper that is sure to be a conversation starter. Our clients were definitely not afraid to embrace textures, patterns, and colors and continued the theme of feminine curves everywhere.



Plants brought life and vitality to the home. There’s nothing like lush greenery to brighten up living spaces while also adding yet another fabulous layer of color and texture.  The wood slats, used to create separate yet open spaces, were left natural to compliment the wood tones used throughout the home.


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The whimsical bathroom design with pink shower tile and soft pastel vanity is perfect for our client’s young daughter.



For the primary bathroom, our clients commissioned a friend and local artist to paint a mural, giving them no direction and full creative freedom!  The result continued the curvature theme and mimicked sherbet colors used throughout the house.  Notice the pill shaped cutouts on the vanity doors which keep the design aesthetic consistant in the entire home.


Whether you’ve been in your house for a while or just purchased a home in need of renovation, you likely have ideas swirling in your head of what “could be” — a drab bathroom made bright and bold or a dated kitchen renewed with fresh designs and updated appliances. Reach out to Beth Haley Design to help bring your wildest vision to life. Please contact us here!