Make a Statement with a Stylish Bookcase

Curating a stylish bookcase can come with questions. How do you achieve a well-balanced look? Should you coordinate colors? What should be on display? Beth’s first piece of advice: “don’t put out anything you don’t absolutely love.” Then, have fun.

Let’s take a look at some of Beth’s favorite bookcase projects and better understand the foundations of a well-styled bookcase. As you scroll, keep these things in mind: you always need more books than you think you do, combine items of different sizes, coordinate books based on colors, and arrange in odd numbers.

Make a Statement with a Stylish Bookcase
Image: Andrea Behrends

In these built-ins, art in different shapes and heights are paired together and displayed in a thoughtful way. Just because it is a bookcase, doesn’t mean you must display books.

Make a Statement with a Stylish Bookcase

A bright green background brings attention to the well-styled shelves, which hold everything from books to pottery. Paying close attention to proportion and scale, Beth artfully arranged items of all varieties.

Built-in shelving is a common element in traditional design.
Image: Nick McGinn

Built-in shelving is a common element in traditional design. Here, fresh design elements introduce a contemporary touch, and a loose layout on the shelves works in contrast to the formality of the space. But don’t be fooled, each item was intentionally placed.

Make a Statement with a Stylish Bookcase
Image: Nick McGinn

The homeowner’s treasured collection of figurines shares the shelves with family photos and books. Books are stacked horizontally and vertically on the bookcase, so the look isn’t too polished.

A dreamy workspace
Image: Reid Rolls

Productivity is the result of a clutter-free workspace. In this office, the shelves hold elements of art that bring a welcomed level of sophistication into the design.

Even the bathroom deserves art
Image: Nick McGinn

Built-ins belong everywhere — even in bathrooms, and Beth often incorporates art and accessories into bathrooms for an unexpected surprise. Adding gold and white accessories in this bathroom bring style into a room designed for practicality. Beauty and function? Yes, you can have both!

The styled shelves, filled with books and art, help break up the all-white wall.
Image: Nick McGinn

This traditional living room features built-in bookcases that frame the fireplace. The styled shelves, filled with books and art, help break up the all-white wall and add interest, depth and personality into the room.

Go forth and display meaningful items in visually compelling vignettes to enhance the design of your bookcase! Let us know how it goes.


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April Newsletter- Design Challenges

Featured Event: Easter Egg Hunt at the Hermitage!

Nothing says spring like visiting  one of the most beautifully preserved historical homes in Nashville and enjoy a festive egg hunt. There will be two age groups- 1-6 and 7-12. Beyond the egg hunt, there will be a chance to visit with the Easter Bunny, cookie decorating, crafts, and more!

Date: March 31
Times: 10am & 1pm start times
Cost: Admission is $10 participating kids, $5.00 adults, and infants are free. Tickets available online. Cash only at the gate!

For more info, click here!

Featured Topic: Floor Plan Before & Afters

Here is a roundup of some of our favorite renovation projects! Enjoy!

Re-configuring the majority of the second floor of this historic Victorian home allowed us to open up several walls to accommodate a great master suite. The before pictures show existing closets that were removed to open the space and also highlights the dramatic transformation in aesthetic design!  

This transformation is so dramatic, it is very hard to tell it is even the same space! By removing walls and opening the floor plan, we created space for a great family kitchen that could accommodate everyone in the family. We love this photo because it shows just how wonderful any space can become!

The last kitchen renovation is another shocking space; how is this the same home?! We loved working with our clients to recreate much of the downstairs floor plan. In this space, it was all about creating a cooks kitchen with a nice clean backdrop. Mission accomplished!

Last but not least, here is an extraordinary transformation from porch to sun room. Our client loved the layout of their home but felt like they were missing one space- a casual, sunny gathering space. The design challenge was to find a way to make the space feel like a natural part of the house –  not an afterthought. 

Featured Vendors: Mirth Studio

Mirth Studio has long been our radar for creating some of the most exquisite cement tiles on the market but we have to say we are extremely interested in their line of “peel and stick” flooring. The designs are so catchy, so cool- and the colors are just right, we wonder if this is the renaissance of vinyl flooring. We can see these being a great addition to a laundry room remodel or any small space looking for high impact design with little labor. Designed for a 4 year lifespan, these temporary tiles might be the perfect thing for some of our Airbnb clients looking for high impact design or some of our friends renting / leasing out their home!

Click for more info and to see the great variety of styles available!

Featured Event: 2018 Downtown Home Tour!

Though we don’t have a home on the tour this year, we encourage anyone interested in design or  downtown living and see just how cool downtown has gotten! It’s amazing to see just how far Nashville has come in terms of creating vibrant communities that aren’t the suburbs! 

WHEN: Sunday, April 15th, 12pm-5pm

WHERE: Various locations downtown. Free shuttle service provided

COST:$10. Free for persons under 18 with an adult ticket holder

TICKETS: Purchase online or day of the event.  For more info, click here!

January Newsletter- Top 5

What a whirlwind the new year has been! How many inches of snow have already fallen in Nashville? How many new places have opened up around town? We love the energy and excitement we sense all over town and hope the start of 2018 has delivered extra pep to everyone’s step. Around the office, we’ve been working on many new design projects and are eagerly awaiting all that is yet to come! Here’s to a happy, safe, productive year everyone!

Featured Topic: Top 5!

A new year often brings a new outlook on life, and the same hold true for design. So far, we are loving the jolt of energy the Pantone color of the year has infused within the industry: Inventive and imaginative, Ultra Violet lights the way to what is yet to comeWithout further ado, here are our top 5 design trends for 2018!

3D wall tile anyone?
We love progressive manufacturing techniques and WOW 
does it better than anyone!


Even if smart speakers aren’t your thing, there is plenty of new technology emerging in 2018 to make your home more comfortable, stylish, and enjoyable. From high-tech, ultra soft textiles to stylish thermostats, there is something for everyone. And don’t forget, technology integration is a good investment as it can decrease energy consumption and give your house an updated, well cared for look! 


Go forth and explore! The most inspired interiors tell a story. Whether a collection from travels abroad or a collection acquired from years of thrifting, the key is finding unique objects that are unlike items you would normally find in stores. 


As a firm that has never shied away from color, we are ecstatic to see color abound within the residential setting. Bold cabinet colors and vibrant accents are used in unexpected ways to  burst forth to make interiors dynamic, fun, and personal. We can’t wait to bring more vitality to our clients and see how others are doing it as well!


In recent years, reclaimed wood / industrial chic have been part of the ruling class in interior design. The look has been applied everywhere, both in the residential and commercial setting, to overall great effect. Not saying this look is out but we are seeing an emergence of polished, glossy, glamorous interiors. Think plush surfaces, rounded, curvaceous furniture, and gleaming metal accents. In one word, the look is lux!


Pure materials, organic surfaces, and handmade textiles make a big impact on the look and feel of a home. We saw a lot of this at High Point Market this last fall and the look is only growing. The simple truth is this: Paired with any decor style, from traditional to contemporary and everything in between, adding authentic accents in your home help create an interesting, layered, custom look. 

Featured Vendor: Block Shop Textiles

Started by two sisters in 2010, Block Shop Textiles has emerged as a defining trend setter in the field of authentic, quality textiles. We love each item is handmade is so gloriously graphic. Every piece is the perfect combination of color, scale and repetition. We are amazed to see their inventory grow from block printing to lots of great woven textiles and prints for the home!   

Featured Event: The Art Company | Of Things To Come 

There is still time to explore an exciting new show happening at the Art Company. Gallery owner Anne Browne says it best: “A signature concept of The Arts Company is to offer eclectic exhibitions in photography, painting, sculpture, outsider/folk art, mixed media, focusing on unlikely pairings of art, artists, and ideas”. One thing everyone should be sure to see is never seen before photos of Jackie Kennedy redecorating the White House taken in 1961 by LIFE photographer Ed Clark. 

DATES: Now – January 25th,  Tuesday-Saturday
TIME: Tuesday – Saturday, 11am-5pm
COST: Free
LOCATION: 215 5th Avenue of the Arts N. Nashville, TN 37219