Ditch the Clutter: Functional Spaces + Practical Design

At Beth Haley Design, we fancy ourselves problem solvers. Beth, herself, is a master at searching for solutions. Whether it be devising a design suited for a large family or making the most of a small space, her ability to prioritize function without sacrificing style is something truly magical.

Beth’s commitment to flow and functionality is a result of her time spent getting a degree in interior design at Watkins College of Art and Design. “I always gravitated towards the nuts and bolts of creating a space,” Beth shares. “Interior design goes beyond decorating and I always start a project by asking the client how they use the space.”

Let’s look back on a handful of projects that showcase BHD’s commitment to functionality and creating livable spaces.

Mudrooms, Pantries, Laundry Rooms + More

Ditch the Clutter: Functional Spaces + Practical Design
Image: Nick McGinn

Mudrooms and entryways quickly become dumping grounds for bags, jackets and boots. Shelves, racks, cabinets and hooks can keep things looking clean and decluttered. This entryway has a place for everything — even the family pup.

Ditch the Clutter: Functional Spaces + Practical Design
Image: Nick McGinn

Lately, there has been a reemergence of butler’s pantries, designed to offer additional storage and counter space for entertaining. A bar sink, wine fridge and dishwasher make entertaining easy, and the extra cabinets offer the perfect hiding place for extra glasses and serving platters.

Ditch the Clutter: Functional Spaces + Practical Design
Image: Nick McGinn

Laundry is no longer a dreaded chore when you can do it in a bright, cheerful locale. In this laundry room, Beth showcases the ability to use color to show personality and well-considered design for a more functional space.

Ditch the Clutter: Functional Spaces + Practical Design
Image: Nick McGinn

Don’t let a small kitchen leave you starved for storage. A thoughtfully designed kitchen makes the most of the space it has and offers ample room for storage and food prep. Small but mighty, this kitchen is brimming with good design and drawers for days.

Ditch the Clutter: Functional Spaces + Practical Design
Image: Andrea Behrends

Stylish storage is on full display in this pantry that doubles as a drop zone for the kiddo’s bags and shoes. Although the pantry is typically tucked away and out of sight of guests, it deserves to look as stylish as the rest of your home.

Ditch the Clutter: Functional Spaces + Practical Design
Image: Andrea Behrends

Custom closets make getting dressed a breeze. The custom built-in storage in this master bedroom provides room for his-and-her belongings and the ability to hide it all away by simpling closing the doors.

Ditch the Clutter: Functional Spaces + Practical Design
Image: Andrea Behrends

This hallway serves as a transitional entryway and catchall storage space. Our favorite features are the farmhouse-style sink and sliding wooden door that leads to the washroom.

Ditch the Clutter: Functional Spaces + Practical Design
Image: Jerry Atnip

Bid small vanities goodbye. We are in full support of a practical place to store your soap, shampoo and everything else you might need in the mornings. The dual vanity is framed by sophisticated storage to create a look that is both elegant and functional.

Ditch the Clutter: Functional Spaces + Practical Design
Image: Reid Rolls

Start your day on the right foot with a stylish coffee bar. Playful and practical, this coffee bar is regularly used and admired — and we can see why!

Ditch the Clutter: Functional Spaces + Practical Design
Image: Reid Rolls

Make the most of your home office to enhance productivity. Clutter is the enemy of creativity. Avoid the distraction of papers by filing them away. In this space, storage and décor go hand-in-hand.

Beth Haley Design is about people, community and creativity.


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February Newsletter – Love It Or List It

What a pleasure this year’s Nashville Antique & Garden Show show was! The flowers! The art! The antiques! Every year, we feel such pride to call Nashville home as we see the Antique & Garden Show bless our little city with magic. The show always captures our imagination and gives us a big healthy dose of inspiration. This year, it was all about the quality of antiques on display. The variety was incredible and we really fell in love with the contemporary vintage. No shocker there.

All the vintage got us thinking though…Why does some vintage feel so good yet other vintage feel so…wrong? What makes a piece intriguing and another piece stale? We find ourselves asking the questions, “How do you know what to keep or what to look for?” and “How do you know when it’s time to let something go?” 

Keep reading for answers to your questions! 

Featured Topic: Love it or List It?

Clients ask us this question all the time: “Can I keep this piece from my parents? Will it go in the new house?” Let’s dive into the archives and try to pinpoint why we sometimes can love it but sometimes have 

A contemporary living room that is architecturally interesting. The fireplace is chic and the decor is on point. The vintage sideboard feels at home with the modern decor and adds a layer of curiosity to the space.

Vintage doesn’t just apply to furniture. Display what you have and display what you love. The bright antique bowl is perfectly at home with a nice little vanity vignette. It’s sure to intrigue guests.

Talk about a perfect pairing! The secret to this inspiring space is the contrasts. Contemporary architecture paired with heirloom antiques. Often clients worry their collection won’t match the space and in some cases, it’s true. But in this case the unusual mix works because the space is grand enough to hold the furniture and give it space to breathe. The composition feels like it’s a curated corner of a museum, displaying fine works of art and fine examples of period antiques.

Another fine example of unusual pairings – A modern kitchen mixed with what could be called a “decor console” and it WORKS! The ingenious pairing feels fresh, unexpected, and the juxtaposition makes both the kitchen and the vintage piece that much more interesting.

Featured Event: Exciting show at the Frist

Have an afternoon to spare? Indulge in a world class show downtown and enjoy time with some of the best French painters of all time. Van Gogh, Monet, Degas, and Their Times: The Mellon Collection of French Art runs now through May 5 but we have a hunch you might just want to go back for seconds!

When: February 2 – May 5
Where: Frist Art Museum

  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: 10:00 a.m.–5:30 p.m.
  • Thursday and Friday: 10:00 a.m.–9:00 p.m. 
  • Saturday: 10:00 a.m.–5:30 p.m.
  • Sunday: 1:00–5:30 p.m. (Café opens at noon on Sunday) 

For more info click here

Hot Topic: Netflix & Chill

After you watch all the episodes of Tidying Up With Marie Kondoand feel a void fill it up with the delightful Netflix design show Stay Here. Follow along as a talented designer and real estate guru transform lackluster properties into hot Airbnb rentals. Each episode takes place in a new city and tackles a new design challenge. What’s more, each episode is packed with  insightful design & business tips. Marie Kondo inspired us to Tidy up but Stay Here is inspiring us to rent it out!

We’ve watched the first and second episode (Seattle houseboat and Malibu beach house) and we are already hooked! Nothing like an awesome design show to watch during one of the coldest months of the year!

Click here for more info

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Designing for Airbnb

When checking out Airbnb rentals, what is at the top of your list? Cleanliness, style, or location? For us, we never sacrifice on cleanliness but what we love about Airbnb is finding places with unique style. The perfect rental becomes the backdrop to a memorable trip; have a funky, cool Airbnb – have a good trip!

Designing Airbnb rentals is a lot of fun. It is a chance to use bold color, vibrant prints, and to create fun, catchy interiors. We design for the client (aka the owner of the property) and the end user (aka the renter). We think what will photograph well to spark interest on Airbnb and what furnishings, what materials, what luxuries, will guests enjoy (and leave raving reviews for the owners)?

Who wouldn’t be happy to walk into this bright, well appointed kitchen? By livening up the standard kitchen with bright accessories in fun shapes and textures, we infused the space with personality while letting the the cleanliness of the kitchen shine. 

In the living room, the bright palette is sure to catch attention online while the soft luxuries like throw pillows, blankets soften up the space. We added table lamps for reading and a nice comfortable club chair for relaxing.

Here is a view from the living room back into the kitchen. Doesn’t the space feel inviting? We designed the space so guests could feel right at home and enjoy the open layout of the apartment.

Art is always an important piece in our designs and here we used ______local??____art to add character to landing space right outside the bedrooms. Fun vignettes like this are sure to appeal to viewers online and to real life guests!

For the two bedrooms, we wanted to create unique color palettes so viewers could easily remember the space as a true two bedroom. When bedrooms appear too bland / similar in photos, it makes it really hard to remember when you compare rentals! This gorgeous blue bedroom with rich red accent pillows grabs your attention. We love the lux materials as they are a bit unexpected.

For the second bedroom, we went with fun prints and pops of color. We like how the colors compliment the first bedroom but are a distinct and memorable on their own.

Stay tuned to next week when we present the second unit!

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