Porches Galore

If you have a porch at your house, I am sure you spend half of Fall lamenting the days when it will be too cold to use and you spend all of Winter counting down the days till warmer weather. Porches are a great space in any home and unique because they are not static. They get packed away and re-imagined each year.

Screened-in porch with colorful accents  pictures for porch

This room is bursting with pillows, cushions, fabric, and texture. Nothing is more unexpected and luxurious than fancy pillows outside! Choose fabrics meant for indoor / outdoor use. Some of our favorites are from Robert Allen Sunbrella collection and Duralee Pavillion Bella Dura collection.


Another element not to overlook is lighting. Consider placing lamps outside to help the space feel like a real room. Table Lamps and floor lamps help make porches warm and inviting.

An element that is gaining more and more popularity recently are “sleeping porches”. Depending on your space, you can never do wrong with an over sized swing. Outfit your swing with some pillows and a nice throw and you might be tempted to spend the night out there!

This photo from Domino Magazine is great inspiration. It is definitely the work of a stylist and probably was just staged for a photo shoot but, that being said, there is a lot to take away from it!  Maybe next time you have a get together at your house, you can pull carpets from other living spaces and create a cool, layered, comfortable looking floor, complete with over-sized throw pillows and practical, drink-holding side tables. The effect would be really warm and inviting.

If you haven’t given your porch a little bit of love and attention yet, hopefully this gets you going!

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Front Door Ready!

Is your entrance warm and inviting, are you front door ready?


It is that time of year when you will be welcoming guests for the holidays as well as mini ghosts and goblins looking for candy.


There are many options for sprucing up your front door. Whether you are going for the most spook-tastic door on the block…


Or just want to add a bit of color to your life…


or maybe meet somewhere in the middle…


Here are some colorful ideas. For an easy addition,  pick your favorite accent color and paint your front door. This is such an easy change, don't be afraid to go bold! 


Planters with seasonal flowers are an easy change up throughout the year as well. These mums are perfect for fall and come in such a variety of colors.


Planters add just a splash of style that you can change out regularly.


Lighting is always key to an inviting space. The front porch is no different. Lantern lighting works with most homes. Here are a few I found on Pinterest that are simple and beautiful.


A door mat is practical because it keeps your house clean, it also adds texture, and is an easy pop of color.


'Tis the season to prepare your home for guests. This is not limited to your interior. You want your home to feel inviting from the moment someone walks up to your front door.

What sprucing up will you do this month?

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Kick-Back in the Garden!

Chances are if you have a green thumb you’ve already got a nice start on your summer garden space. Now it’s time to kick-back and enjoy that space. Here are a few of our favorite spaces!

We love the multiple layers of this layout!

The simplicity of the concrete planters shown here give a very calming feel to this space.

The popular trend of raised bed gardening is branching out from your typical expectations. Here are some we love!

What a welcoming view to come home to!

Another growing trend is the idea of a living wall. There are many ways to achieve this idea. From the very simple DIY project to the more expansive walls there is bound to be a wall that inspires you.

I love the idea of having a small herb garden on the wall in my kitchen.

For the DIY gardeners here is a simple way to make use of your vertical space outdoors. This idea is perfect for succulents.

If you have the space for a garden like this…..I'm jealous!

This massive garden is a labor of love!

With some open green space, a little elbow grease and patience you could be bringing in delicious goodies such as these!

What do you have planted this year?

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