At Beth Haley Designs, we know you have so many options when it comes to picking an interior designer. And, just like friends, it takes a bit of chemistry and similar mindset to make the relationship work!

There are plenty of talented Nashville interior designers. So, what makes us stand out? Why do people work with us?

Here’s what you need to know about us, what our passion is, where our heart is, and why we’re the right design firm.

We’re storytellers.

We’re here to tell your story through your home and not tell our story on your canvas. That’s why each of our clients projects are uniquely designed for their specific needs.

We love sustainable, functional design.

We love color!

We lean into clean, contemporary, modern design.

We love art.

We believe your space should nourish your soul.

Home Design - Beth Haley Design, Nashville Interior Designer

We learn your personality, and create a home that reflects every beautiful thing about you. Image: Beth Haley Design

We believe in relationships.

We want to know about you, your family, your story. Every project we work on is different and unique because every client is different and unique. Needs are different. Personalities are different. It’s what keeps us so motivated and in love with our jobs! Getting to know our clients as they become our friends is one of the most cherished parts of our company.

We ask questions. We want to understand your day to day. Our goal is to be in tune with you and your family. If you like to cook, we want to hone in on the functionality of your kitchen. Entertain often? Let’s look at maximizing your seating. Kiddos playing sports? We’re going to design a home that includes plenty of functional storage for those baseball bats and soccer equipment.

We’ll never jump into project without confidently understanding the wants, needs, dislikes, preferences (the list goes on and on!) of each family we have the joy of working with. When all is said and done, we want your house to function around your lifestyle.

We set achievable design goals for each project.

No matter what aesthetic you’re looking to achieve in your home, we are here to help you narrow down your scope. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what your distinct style is, but that’s why you’ve called on our expertise!

When we talk to clients for the first time, they tend to come to us a bit overwhelmed. With all of the resources out there, designing a home that truly reflects you, your family, and your needs can quickly seem unattainable.

That’s why we focus on getting to know you first, and creating the perfect design for your home second.

Beth has a great laugh.

Our founder, Beth Haley, has an eye for details, an unending work ethic, and a laugh that fills the room. If you don’t like laughing along the way, we likely aren’t a good match for you.

Interior design projects are mini-marriages. We want you to have fun along the way!

If you are looking for a Nashville interior designer with a modern, organic, functional approach – who never does boring – we’d love to work with you! Contact us here and let’s start this process together.

Beth Haley of Beth Haley Design

Beth is your interior design professional.

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