Are you looking for ways to make your home feel welcoming while maintaining your desired aesthetic? Throw pillows can add so much dimension and personality to your living space. From arm chairs to sofas, there is rarely a place to sit that can’t benefit from a throw pillow! But with so much confusion surrounding throw pillows, it can be difficult to know where to start. Not to fear – we’re here to answer your questions!

Should throw pillows ever be replaced?
We don’t subscribe to the traditional seasonal throw pillow, but we do believe that throw pillows are an easy, and generally budget-friendly, way to refresh your home. Every three to five years, start your search for items in your home that need updating and relish in the “out with the old, in with the new” mentality. You’ll find that replacing throw pillows throughout your home will make you feel like you’ve refreshed your home design without spending a small fortune.

Man Cave home design - Beth Haley Design -Nashville Interior Designer

These fun pillows bring the perfect touch of masculine charm while keeping a cohesive design throughout the room.

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How often should throw pillows be cleaned?
According to experts, it’s best to wash your decorative pillow covers at least two to three times a year. If your pillows are in a high traffic area where they are constantly touched (by humans or pets), you may want to consider cleaning them quarterly to ensure longevity! Be sure to follow the specific cleaning instructions typically found on the inside of the pillow covering.

Throw pillows on bench - Beth Haley Design -Nashville Interior Designer

Benches located throughout the home are a great spot to warm up with a few of your favorite throw pillows!

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How do I choose the right size throw pillows? 
Proportion is key. No matter where you decide to place throw pillows, finding the perfect dimension for the space will help keep your room looking cohesive. For example, if you have a standard size couch (typically between 72 and 89 inches wide), you’ll want to look at 20×20 inch or 22×22 inch square pillows. Pro tip: When purchasing pillow inserts, you’ll want to buy the insert 2 inches larger than the pillow cover!

Beth Haley Designs Living Room Pillows - Beth Haley Design -Nashville Interior Designer

Whether you choose to mirror your pillows in a room or prefer to mix things up, choosing the right size pillows is key.

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Can I mix and match patterns & colors?
You can probably already guess our answer. Of course you can! When choosing different colors and patterns to mix and match, try to narrow it down your color palette and spread out those colors evenly. Keep in mind the other colors in the room you’re working in, be it the couch color or rug pattern. Once you’ve done these two key steps, find the pillows that speak to you and go for it!

Beth Haley Design Throw Pillows in Living Room - Beth Haley Design -Nashville Interior Designer

This couch is a great example of mixing and matching throw pillows to perfection!

Where should I place throw pillows throughout my home?
Wherever you need an extra design element, splash of color or pattern, or anywhere you can sit! We love placing throw pillows in overlooked nooks, chairs, and benches. Throw pillows truly warm up any space and can transform any area of your home into a welcoming spot!

Beth Haley Design nook design

This nook just got even cozier with the addition of a few throw pillows and a plush blanket.

No matter where you decide to place throw pillows in your home, or what pattern and color scheme you select, make sure that these fun design elements bring you joy and assist whatever beautiful vision you have for your abode. Pillows are a great way to add a splash of your personality into your home – in an affordable fashion!

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