When you begin working with us, “What’s your style?” is the first question we ask. The good news is that no matter what design style you lean towards, you can mix different ones, such as traditional, modern, or bohemian, to create a satisfying space.

How to Mix Design Styles

– All photos are from projects by Beth Haley Design (BHD).

Consider Your Space

A room’s built-in features can influence its style. For instance, crown molding may impart a traditional look, while an open floor plan with exposed wooden beams can feel more bohemian or modern. Keep these features in mind when designing your home.

BethHaleydesign Beth WoodardProject 124

Woodard Project

Use Color To Unify

Repeating colors is a very effective way to blend design styles. Develop a color palette with a few main colors. You can expand this color scheme by adding lighter or darker versions of its core colors. For example, if you have wood paneling, you can use warmer accent colors to complement the wood, which is shown in the photo below.

BethHaleydesign Beth WoodardProject 82

Oak Hill New Build

Mix Styles with Hardware and Finishes 

One of the simplest ways to mix styles is through hardware and finishes. If you have sleek, modern cabinets in your kitchen but don’t want the space to feel too contemporary, lean into textured, traditional knobs and pulls. Or, choose a beautiful brass faucet that seems to belong in an English countryside estate. These cozy, character-filled details will soften the strong lines of your modern design, blending the strengths of both traditional and contemporary styles.

Rust Light Fixture

Oak Hill Renovation

Choose a Focal Point

If you have a piece of artwork, a rug, or a light fixture that doesn’t seem to fit the rest of the space, don’t try to hide it – draw attention to it! Furnish and decorate the rest of the room around this particular statement piece. Sometimes the things you don’t think go together end up meshing beautifully. Place a modern-looking chandelier over an antique table in your kitchen, or hang a piece of abstract art above a patterned couch that gives off a bohemian feel.

bethhaley crestridge 123

Oak Hill New Build

Mixing design styles is simpler than you think. Try these tips to mix styles effortlessly and create a room that appears cohesive and unified!


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