Color can be a transformative tool that impacts our homes and, ultimately, our moods and emotions. When designing your space, say hello to hues that add personality and bring an unexpected WOW factor. Incorporating color into your home can be intimidating, but we are here to help! These are a few of our favorite tips on how to incorporate color the RIGHT way.

Tips on Incorporating Color The RIGHT Way

– All photos are from projects by Beth Haley Design (BHD).

Don’t have two different colors touching.

Bright colors in this modern, yet classic home are broken up with white. Notice how the whimsical wall design mirrors the colors in the window panes without overwhelming the eye.

Shot 10

Save bold color for accent pieces or to highlight architectural features.

Color can be a powerful design element at your disposal when it comes to accenting or highlighting features in your home. This chevron-patterned backsplash with saturated blue tones adds an extra layer of visual interest.

Tile - Daboo Project

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Don’t be afraid to paint your walls something other than white.

We agree, white is simple and goes with everything. But, bold and bright colors can be so much FUN! Pick your favorite shade and start small, like with an entryway, a powder room or a closet.

Strane Bathroom

Don’t be afraid to go dark, either! 

Dark color schemes can give a room character, depth, and a surprisingly serene atmosphere. Pairing dark colors with natural light, like in this black bathroom, can help the space feel larger and more open.

Black Bathroom

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Go crazy with color in a powder room.

The powder room is a great place to take design risks. Experiment with adventurous designs, vibrant hues, and graphic wallpaper. Maybe even try out a fresh botanical pattern like this!

incorporating color in powder rooms

Coordinate colors in open-concept spaces.

Choosing colors for an open floor plan may seem exhausting, but it doesn’t have to be. Pick shades that harmoniously flow together. We love how the bright blue details in this open-concept kitchen coordinate with the wood paneling and red door.

incorporating color in open concept spaces

Kaplan Project

Add color through area rugs.

If you don’t want to switch out your wallpaper or paint shade, an area rug is an easy way to add some extra color. This rug seamlessly ties together all of the other design elements in this living room.

incorporating color with area rugs

Brentwood Makeover: Kitchen & Bath Renovation

Use these tried-and-true tips when incorporating color in your home. Color brings zest, liveliness, and so much emotion. After incorporating just a little color in your home, you might find that you want it everywhere!

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