Moments of self-care should happen daily, not on rare occasions.  It’s nearly impossible to sneak self-care into our already busy schedules during December, but things slow down in January and the new year invites countless opportunities to relax in a bubble bath. As masters of relaxation, we have found there are a few key things that aid relaxation: a perfectly scented candle, a book you can’t put down, peaceful music and soothing surroundings. “Don’t forget to add a touch of nature to your home spa,” Beth reminds us.  “Live plants or fresh flowers, whether viewed through the window or perched in a niche, freshens the air and slows the pace…both keys in setting a relaxing and revitalizing mood.”  We believe you deserve a dreamy bathroom design that helps you leave all your cares at the door and believe a spa-like atmosphere at home is achievable. Whether you are looking for a monochromatic design or pops of color to provide an inspired start to your day, Beth Haley Design delivers bathrooms that delight.  

While the water is running, look through these five Beth Haley Design bathroom renovations guaranteed to make you swoon.

Five Bathrooms by Beth Haley Design

Soothing Shades of Grey

Ahead: Five Bathrooms to Inspire Relaxation

Soothing shades of grey come together in this bathroom that hits the sweet spot between contemporary and timeless. Herringbone flooring and marble subway tiles introduce texture while the painted walls give the eyes a place to rest. The fluffy white towels are waiting for you the moment you emerge from a long soak in the large, freestanding tub. 


Crisp and cleanAhead: Five Bathroom Remodels to Inspire Relaxation

We love every detail of this crisp bathroom design, from the classic white tile to the modern, light wood surround. A combined bathtub and shower was a smart solution to a smaller space, and the design marries functionality and good design. Plus, there is more than enough room to bring your book and a glass of wine to enjoy while you bathe. Relaxation happens here. 


A Pop of Blue
Ahead: Five Bathroom Renovations to Inspire Relaxation

The blue velvet curtains not only introduce a pop of color, but they also add warmth to the cool color scheme. Don’t be afraid to bring in accent pieces and materials that aren’t commonly found in a bathroom, such as a side table or luxurious fabric. When putting the final touch on your bathroom, bring in a piece of art to make it feel fully styled. 


Easy on the Eyes
Ahead: Five Bathrooms to Inspire Relaxation

This bathroom renovation showcases a lovely mix of design styles that come together cohesively. The result is a sophisticated space with various materials and handsome finishes bathed in natural light. We can’t imagine a better place to tackle our daily routine and wind down with a warm bath. Can you?


Calming Colors

Self-care awaits

Classic and cool, this bathroom doesn’t need bold colors to make a lasting impact. A calming grey marble tile backsplash gives this room luxurious character, and clean lines create layers and depth. Sink into the bathtub and get lost in the mesmerizing design. Don’t forget fresh flowers — they enhance every moment. 


 Now, run yourself a bath and enter full relaxation mode! 

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