Admittedly, peacock is more of a color palate than one particular color, but that doesn’t stop Beth Haley from swooning over the deep teals, vibrant greens, and moody blues. Small touches of these saturated hues are as divine as entire walls dedicated to the color. Those who consider themselves color-shy can tread lightly with a pillow here and art piece there. Brave souls, we encourage you to cover the space in color. The colder, grey days of winter mark the perfect time to play with bold hues; we love how the shades of peacock brighten up a space and offer a touch of contemporary fun. If you ready to embrace color but need some inspiration, scroll through the photos below. 

Color Crush: Peacock

Image: Trevor McKinnon

If you’ve never considered peacock as inspiration for your interiors, now is your opportunity to rethink that decision. The rich, saturated hues of the animal feel right at home on couches or walls and even in your closet.

Color Crush: Peacock

In this Beth Haley Design project, pops of peacock live on the bathtub backsplash — even the tile shape has a peacock feel about it. The look is playful but sophisticated — something that is easily accomplished with saturated shades of blue and green.


Anthropologie encourages homeowners to make a statement with this vibrant, vintage-inspired wallpaper. Make one wall a focal point of the room with the peacock pattern and peacock colorways or wrap the entire room in the whimsical paper. Either way, we’ll be green with envy. 


As always, we love making connections between our interior design and our closets. If you like the color on your walls, you’ll likely love it on a dress, too. The printed silk dress is luxurious, flattering, and eye-catching. 


Color Crush: Peacock

A visit to the Beth Haley Design Showroom is like walking into the colorful mind of the designer. Decor pieces, including this pillow, are easy ways to test the peacock-colored waters. 


If your front door looks like this, consider yourself lucky. The rest of us are dreaming about living in Paris and walking through these doors each day. Prints of this photograph are available for those in the latter category. 


Color Crush: Peacock

Pillows and art in similar colorways pair well together in this Midcentury Modern bedroom. Beth Haley expertly chose elements of color to pop against the neutrals in the space. 


Peacock isn’t the only color Beth Haley loves. She has an eye for red, a fondness for navy blue, a soft spot for peach, and a slight obsession with chartreuse green. Are you ready to try these colors in your home?


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