We’re coming off a long period of time when many people preferred an all-white home. It’s easy. Everything matches. But, let’s all admit that it’s a bit ho-hum and not much fun. So, how do you incorporate bold patterns and color when it scares you a bit? It’s harder to do, and we get that. But, that’s why you hire a professional, right?!

Here are a few tips on how you can tip-toe into incorporating a little vibrancy in your home!

How to Add Pattern and Color to Your Home (Even When It Scares You!)

– All photos are from projects by Beth Haley Design (BHD).

Start sparingly.

Consider an accent wall. With an accent wall, you can experiment with color, material, and pattern in your home without fully committing to changing the whole space. Limiting pattern and color to just one wall also keeps the room feeling light, rather than making it feel a little claustrophobic. In this particular project, the whimsical wall design mirrors the colors in the window panes, adding a touch of intrigue and style.


color and pattern - Kaplan project

Radnor Lake: New Build


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Take a risk with color and pattern in the powder room.

The powder room is considered a go-to space for taking design risks. It provides the ideal opportunity to experiment with adventurous designs, vibrant hues, and graphic wallpaper. The powder room is usually a quick stop for guests, so choose an eye-catching design that makes a great first impression. Maybe even try out a fun and fresh botanical pattern like these!


color and pattern - Park Project

East Nashville Bungalow

Check out the rest of this project here.

And, another bold botanical print in the powder room:


color and pattern - Colorful Powder Room

West Meade: New Build

Experiment with bold cabinetry.

Choosing colorful cabinetry is a great way to personalize your home without committing to too much at once. These hot pink cabinets, found in the laundry room, add the perfect pinch of pizazz proving how much energy and positivity bright colors can add to a room!


color and pattern - hot pink kitchen

Radnor Lake Renovation


In the end, color is fun, expressive, emotional, and so much more lively than white. Find a place to add some color and see how much you enjoy it daily! You might find that you want to incorporate more color throughout your whole house!

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