1 10, 2019

Before and After: 4 Rooms Receive a Modern Makeover

Sometimes your space deserves more than a coat of a paint. This space is a shining example of how a complete redesign can transform a space.
2 04, 2018

April Newsletter- Design Challenges

Featured Event: Easter Egg Hunt at the Hermitage!

Nothing says spring like visiting  one of the most beautifully preserved historical homes in Nashville and enjoy a festive egg hunt. There will be two age groups- 1-6 and 7-12. Beyond the egg hunt, there will be a chance to visit with […]

2 03, 2018

March Newsletter- Spring Has Sprung

With a blink of an eye, winter frost has ceded to the early signs of spring. As we gratefully strip-back our interiors of the confines of winter – thick throw blankets, pine scented anything, and other cozy odds and ends that help define the winter season- we look for […]

4 02, 2017

February Newsletter – Where is the Love

Though we are only a month and a few weeks into the year, there is a lot to LOVE about 2017. Clients are always at the top of the list but this year we wanted to throw in some surprises as well. After all, interior design is about expanding […]

21 11, 2013

Dining Room Lighting

Just around the corner, we will all be setting tables, passing dishes, and sharing stories.  We’ve been thinking about what is hanging above these tables.  What shines light on your Thanksgiving table?

Does your rectangle table have a perfectly proportioned rectangle fixture above?


Or is your table round with a sphere […]