February Newsletter – Where is the Love

Though we are only a month and a few weeks into the year, there is a lot to LOVE about 2017. Clients are always at the top of the list but this year we wanted to throw in some surprises as well. After all, interior design is about expanding our horizons and sharing our inspiration! Here’s to a wonderful, love fueled year. Thank you!



We have a lot of buns in the oven, so to speak, and this year is turning out to be quite exciting already. Here is a roundup of some of our latest loves and obsessions. 

Interior design is all about creating unique interiors for our clients. No two project is the same because no two clients are the same. Interior design is really all about combining different design elements in unique ways to create fun, dynamic spaces. Nobody pays us to shop a catalog for them. Rooms that aren’t full of diverse elements sourced from vendors producing goods literally all over the world fall flat. We love how design inspires us to explore the world, explore different styles, and bring them all together. 

It is no secret BHD loves the color green. Greenery, green, to be exact. We know Pantone can’t choose the same color year after year, but we have.  I bet they wish they could too!

Here is Greenery in action. We love how the color pairs with natural wood and the custom white built-ins. Fresh, lush, and natural, just the way we like it!


We are absolutely wild about the progress of our client’s home! This tree-house, as we have affectionately referred to it, features a two-tiered bridge connecting the main house to a separate dwelling containing an office on the main floor and a guest room on the second floor. Right now you see the temporary supporting structures, the corrugated sub-floor for the concrete flooring, and the stunning cantilevered roof atop the terraces that bridge the structures. We are proud to be working alongside Manuel Zeitlin Architects and Keystone Building Group in producing this art piece amongst the trees. 


We love collecting professional images from our completed projects but the most recent batch blew us away. The photographer was able to capture the colors and the images are bursting with energy. If only life was always as clean and pristine as a photo shoot 🙂


Every corner is full of pieces we love. Here we have a great bone inlay table paired with a neutral side chair, graphic pillow, some chic accessories, and art. Perfectly complete. If you haven’t come by to visit us in a while, stop by sometime this week for some valentine’s treats!

Featured Vendor: Design Wild

DesignWild, an up and coming Nashville artisan recently came to our office and completely knocked our socks off with a product we’ve never seen before. David Wildman creates intricate architectural wood wall tiles that are innovative, unique, and true show stoppers. We love the texture they would give to a space and each tile is a work of art in itself.  We’ve added it to our design arsenal of things we love and can’t wait to share with our clients!

Click here for more info

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Dining Room Lighting

Just around the corner, we will all be setting tables, passing dishes, and sharing stories.  We’ve been thinking about what is hanging above these tables.  What shines light on your Thanksgiving table?

Does your rectangle table have a perfectly proportioned rectangle fixture above?




Or is your table round with a sphere above?



Ever thought about your lighting being in a cluster?



Or putting a scalloped round fixture above your rectangle table?



Sconces are a great way to get some additional shine into your dining room!



Small dainty fixtures can make the prettiest statement at a dining table.



Make a dramatic statement above your table by doing a larger scaled fixture!



Sometimes one single fixture won’t do.  Think in pairs!



Or in groups!



What is hanging above your table this Thanksgiving?  Interested in any of these?  Give us a call, all can be obtained through BHD! Happy Dining!!



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Faux Sho-House: Dining Room Edition!

Formal dining rooms are interesting spaces in the home.  They, generally, aren’t used on a daily basis but they have the uncanny ability to hold all of the unopened mail, unread magazines, deserted backpacks and art projects that every family generates.  It’s so easy to clutter up a space that’s used twice a year because, why not?  It’s a big table that is calling out for a volcano science project extravaganza.  I think it’s time to take back the dining rooms of America and make them a space that is used more often than on Turkey day and that was my inspiration for my “faux-sho” dining room.  I decided to make a dining room that is beautiful and interesting and that won’t be ignored and it all started with the fabric.


I have been in love with this pattern from Schumacher fabrics for a very long time and I knew immediately that I would be using it in my dining room.  Big, bold patterns and vibrant colors can transform a space and this particular fabric has all of those attributes.  Not to mention, it has a dragon.  Hello, it’s a dragon.


Lighting is so important in a space and it is often overshadowed by furnishings and fabrics.   I wanted, no I needed, conversation pieces that also had the added benefit of lighting up the space.  The gilded tortoise shell wall sconces were the perfect combination of laid-back and glam and the pendant had the understated elegance that I needed to offset the other selections in the space.  Both selections are available thru BHD.


The large furniture pieces in this space are very electric.  I have a reversed silhouette grandfather clock, a reclaimed walnut dining table with an aged brass base and a console that is faux painted in a most artistic manner – a spilled stain over wood grain, tricking the eye and adding a playful and edgy feel.

Dining Table is from Hudson Furniture

Console is from Damien Gernay


Animal feet details on furniture have been around for a very long time but these arm chairs from Oly Studio have an Alice in Wonderland sensibility that aren't so serious.  Every room needs something quirky and a little bit left of expected.  I don’t always mix and match my dining chairs but in this case a little animal foot goes a long way. My choice of side chairs balance that –  a distressed rattan chair in teal.


Graphic and organic is what I was looking for in an area rug.  The pattern reminds me of sand dollars and anything that is ocean related is always a good choice.

Area Rug from Modern Rugs


A bright, ethereal 48″ x 48″ canvas adds a final note of intelligence and elegance: Point of Origin by Anna Jaap –  Acrylic, charcoal, and pastel on canvas.  The room is now ready for cold lemonade and afternoon snacks, ready to talk about how the kids' days were and share joys and concerns.  Or ready for a quiet evening for the grown ups, away from the television, enjoying each other's ideas.

Anna Jaap's work is available through Tinney Contemporary

All other Selections throughout are available through BHD.


Stay posted for the next room in our Faux-Sho House!

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