A Fresh Start: Kicking Off 2019 with Beth Haley

January whizzed by and February smacked us in the face. The month was spent organizing, rolling with unexpected weather and preparing for the new year that lies ahead. We are entering said new year by opening the (figurative) door to Beth Haley Design to learn what is inspiring Beth Haley, the brains behind crafting a stylish home. She indulged us by answering a few questions and inspiring us to have our best year yet.

While Beth Haley Design reaches far beyond Beth Haley herself, it is Beth Haley’s ethos and dedication to design that act as the cornerstone for our boutique interior design firm.

Those who have spotted a space designed by Beth Haley Design understand the coolness that can come with color and the necessity of functional design. The award-winning spaces showcase Beth’s ability to use vibrant hues in a way that is at once inspiring and approachable. Unique color combinations excite Beth and reflect the energy of her clients. But color is only one piece of the puzzle. Beth Haley Design is founded on the importance of people, community and creativity.

As a client of Beth Haley Design, Beth wants to get to know you so that she can articulate your personality and preferences into the design.

Today, we turn the tables to get to know Beth a bit more.


Industry idols: Kelly Wearstler

Beth gravitates towards Kelly Wearstler due to her captivating point of view. “She has created a look all her own — it is unexpected, colorful, artistic and sculptural,” Beth explains. Kelly’s Los Angeles-based interior design studio has evolved in an inspiring manner and Beth, and other lovers of design, look to her work with respect for her ingenuity and her transformative approach to design.

Inspiring Nashville spaces: Our city is bursting with inspiration and when Beth needs to think creatively she often turns to one of these go-to favorites.  Cheekwood, for it’s revolving outdoor art that brings respected arts to Nashville and encourages involvement from the community, Frist Art Museum for it’s historical, yet modern and fresh, architecture, and lastly, all the new fresh and innovative hotels and restaurants in Nashville.

“I love the emphasis hotels and restaurants are putting on design, exposing Nashville to more creative spaces,” Beth explains. “Not only are they paying attention to design, but they are influencing design.”

Winter wanderlust: Beth is not much for cold weather, so on cold, grey, winter days, her mind often goes to places like Palm Springs or Miami where color and design expression often abound.


Beth spent her early days in Selma, Alabama, which fostered her love and appreciation of historic architecture. “I have always sought to blend this reverence for history with the livability demanded by today’s busy lifestyle. Honoring time-worn spaces while adding function and creating a nurturing, contemporary space in a sustainable manner remains the hallmark of my aesthetic to this day,” Beth said in an interview.

Beth is revisiting Charlie Lucas’ Tin Man. The book found its back way onto Beth’s bedside table thanks to the incredible stories that accompany Lucas’ journey with American folk art — and their shared Alabama roots.


Preferred caffeine joint: Just Love Coffee, whose local restaurants are owned by personal friends of Beth’s. She describes it as a coffee shop based on love of people, love of coffee and love of community — three things Beth happens to love, too.

Go-to art galleries: Zeitgeist, The Arts Company and David Lusk Gallery   

“I know I can go to these galleries and be encouraged to think differently and see life in new ways. I’m captivated by the artist’s insight and views on the world,” Beth shares.

Lunching: When Beth slows down to enjoy a lunch hour, she likes Frothy Monkey for their fresh, artistic dishes and The Picnic Cafe, which reminds her of her grandmother and her hometown of Selma, Alabama.

Neighborhood joints: Beth Haley Design is lucky enough to be housed in 12 South, a very walkable community with an ever-evolving choice of restaurants.  Sunny days call for lunch at neighborhood restaurants and visits to local stores to do a little shopping on the way back to the office.  A couple of Beth’s favorite stops are Serendipity and Savant Vintage, both known for their distinctive and quirky style.  

Frothy Money, Nations | Photo: Frothy Monkey


“To remain calm, even though my natural state is to ramp up with excitable energy.”

Beth Haley Design is about people, community and creativity. As we embark on a new year, we are reminded of our central focus: helping our clients find a personal connection within their space.


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Illustrators and Paper Artists

Instagram has become one of our favorite go-tos for inspiration, sourcing, and trend spotting. It is our most used “virtual magazine”, fully customizable and virtually limitless in terms of the depth we can get into when we really want to research a product or lock down a design idea.  Never before have we felt the world so close to our fingertips. 

One of the most interesting aspects of Instagram is the access it gives us to local, national, and international artists. Artists we never would have found in local showrooms or online. We love finding new vendors, following their work, and cataloging images for future clients. Here is a roundup of some of our favorite botanical print and textile designers. We love the earthy femininity of the patterns and unexpected use of colors and techniques.

instagram | website

Syndey based artist known for architectural cut out drawings and X-ACTO knife abstractions from leaves. Her work is so exact, so precise, it is a quiet reminder that perfection is always within reach if you work hard for it.

march floral.jpg


instagram | website

Boston based artist specializing in patterns and unique small painting. We feel Mia is one to watch and can’t wait to see her first line of fabric debut later this year in collaboration with Windham Fabrics!




instagram | website

Brooklyn based textile and surface artist. We love her botanical prints and her talent for mixing media. Can’t wait to order some of her prints!



instagram | website

Brooklyn based textile artist and painter. Helen is an accomplished (i.e commissioned) artist in the fashion world but we personally love the silk scarves she designs and sells from her website.

Sea Urchin Cactus



instagram | website

Botanical artist Jenny Kiker is the most established botanical / print designer we love to follow. Her brand Living Pattern is a go-to fo cheerful lively prints of exotic leaves and flowers. We absolutely love her work!

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September Newsletter

September is many things but to people in the design industry, but mostly it is anticipated as the month magazines and design publications release their “style issues”. Fall seems like the perfect time to take stock of the past year and to look forward to the next year. This year, style previews couldn’t be more timely. Last week, Beth Haley Design projects took home SIX design awards and we are proud for many reasons but chiefly we are proud of the breadth of the projects and styles. BHD is no one-trick-pony. We say it often but every project is different because every client is different. We love our clients! It is an honor to work with you on designing your home. Thank you!

Featured BHD Space: American Society of Interior Designers Award Winners!

BHD was honored with 6 awards for our design from the American Society of Interior Designers. Not to toot our own horn, but we submitted 6 projects and 6 projects came back winners! Join us as we celebrate the wins and explore all the different styles mastered by BHD!

Like much of the home, the existing kitchen needed a complete overhaul. After reviewing the entire layout of the home, we reworked much of the floor plan to best achieve our client’s goals. Where did the kitchen find its new home?  In the den, of course!  Sometimes the best layout is in a completely different space.  Highest on the wish list for the new kitchen was a highly functional, spacious kitchen, fit for entertaining, with plenty of storage, counter space, and access to the outdoors. In selecting finishes for the kitchen, we worked to strike the right balance between dark and light, matte and glossy, solid and patterned. 


Taking cues from the existing architecture of the space, our design challenge was to maintain the vintage, 1960’s feel of the home while maximizing function in the existing kitchen. We worked with the homeowner and architect to create layers of visual interest and add to the homes appeal and design. We love Mid Century Modern design and this project really let us flex our design muscles! Everything from the tiles to the waterfall edge countertop to the cabinets and lighting feels right.

The existing 1990’s bathroom was tight, bland, and cluttered. The challenge was to create a spacious, NYC pied-a-terre worthy master bath, with better storage, without increasing the square footage. The solution was to remove the closed-in full height shower walls, built-in tub, and standard height vanities, and start fresh. Double vanities were a must but we were hesitant to fill the space with cabinets. We found a perfect solution in the polished nickel, custom height pedestal vanities with marble tops. They exude glamour, give great countertop area, yet don’t clutter the space. Instead, their reflective qualities expand the space. We added floor to ceiling cabinets between the vanities and on the wall behind the vanities where an existing closet was removed. The cabinets were custom designed for our client’s needs, giving all their products a discrete, organized home, leaving the expanses of marble open and burden free.
Working with long-time clients on one of their final home purchases, we set out to remodel and update a single level 1980’s home to accommodate aging-in-place. Other goals for the project were to create open public spaces for entertaining, organized storage, and to add additional square footage by enclosing an existing porch. The emphasis of our renovation was to create a sense of connection throughout the home and to provide our clients an oasis for their family. Stylewise, our clients yearned for easy sophistication and a strong preference for red and an affinity for prints, we chose timeless pieces that would compliment items collected over the years.
Working with clients who are fortunate to call Nashville their weekend home, our design challenge was to take an 1850’s warehouse turned condo and create a sophisticated, urban retreat. Work included giving major upgrades to the master suite and kitchen, adding a guest suite, and bringing warmth and comfort to the former industrial space. This job was equal parts removing walls as it was using unique materials, textiles, and furnishings. We were lucky the loft had great bones – huge oversize windows, high ceilings, heavy wood beams, original brickwork, etc. We love the juxtaposition of the existing architecture with sleek furnishings and lux finishes.

For our clients who truly love to entertain, our challenge was to transform the original Victorian floor plan of assorted small rooms lacking in cohesiveness and function and create a high performance, finely tailored home. The idea of the project wasn’t to obliterate the historical roots of the home but rather give the home a loving push into the 21st century. Our work was preservation as much as it was renovation. Style wise, we chose pieces that would compliment that both the existing architecture of the house and our client’s modern design sensibilities. This meant a vibrant mix of old and new, unexpected pairings, and sophisticated color palette with deep greys, reflective whites, paired with rich purple accents. 

Featured Event: Belcourt Theater

Belcourt Theater is one of our favorite local institutions and we can’t wait to check out the renovation completed earlier this summer. There’s nothing like catching a film at the Belcourt and enjoying the sites in Hillsboro Village! 

Hot Topic & Featured Vendor: Sherwin Williams 2017 Color Forecast

Each year, Sherwin Williams puts together an in depth look at trends they foresee for the upcoming year. This year, there are 4 main looks of ideas emerging. We love the looks, especially the romantic, jewel tones and the vibrant, bold colors. For more info and to see the complete presentation click here

Noir – “It’s among our most precious commodities: night.”

Holistic – “Sustainable design and radical transparency are the new standards.”

Intrepid – “The virtual and the real are blurring in the form of seamless commerce and “office anywhere” collaboration.”

Unbounded – Global immigration is redefining borderlands, national identity and our sense of coexistence.