Downtown: Beth Haley’s Neighborhood Guide

Music and history intermingle as locals and visitors discover the diverse selection of arts and culture Nashville’s downtown neighborhood holds. With arresting architecture, inspiring art, and delicious eats, what more could you want? Beth embraces the energetic pace of downtown but welcomes a reprieve from the crowds provided by the downtown honky tonks. Continue below to see her top picks for places to visit on a trip to the city’s core.

21C Museum Hotel

Downtown: Beth Haley's Neighborhood Guide
Image: 21c Museum Hotel Nashville

Doubling as a contemporary art museum and boutique hotel, 21c Museum Hotel falls at the top of Beth’s list of favorites in Nashville. “Downtown introduces a unique perspective on hotels and the 21c personifies that with its treatment of the hotel’s common space. Adding contemporary art to a hotel is an interesting and unexpected way to bring people into the hotel and gives the hotel guest an easy way to see creative art,” Beth says. Stroll through the galleries to see the rotating exhibits, dine at the hotel’s Gray & Dudley restaurant, or book a night in one of the stylish rooms.

Noelle, Nashville, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel

Visit this stylish spot in the heart of Nashville.
Image: Noelle

The Noelle, thanks to a handful of Nashville’s top creative minds who brought new life into the historic building, has received recognition for its well-designed spaces and cool atmosphere. Three bars (one on the rooftop), a coffee shop, and an all-day restaurant, as well as Keep Shop, a store curated by Nashville’s Libby Callaway, are reasons to visit. While you are there, admire the original art deco design, which was thoughtfully preserved.

Bobby Hotel

Downtown: Beth Haley's Neighborhood Guide
Image: Bobby Hotel

Another boutique hotel with stylish interiors, Bobby Hotel, boasts an edgy-yet-refined design style consisting of an European cafe, a glamorous lobby and a gritty garage bar. One of the more interesting design elements sits atop the roof: a repurposed 1956 Scenicruiser bus. The bus is part of the lively outdoor venue that draws crowds each night of the week.

Dream Nashville Hotel

Good design and great sushi make this a go-to.
Image: Dream Nashville Hotel

Arguably the trendiest of Downtown’s new hotels, Dream Nashville opened earlier this year with six food and beverage concepts, as well as 168 rooms. Each dining and drinking destination within the hotel has something special to offer, but we are partial to sushi under the skylight at Stateside Kitchen (pictured above). See you there?

The Hermitage Hotel

Downtown: Beth Haley's Neighborhood Guide
Image: The Hermitage Hotel

The Hermitage Hotel, which opened in 1910 with its notable Italian Renaissance and beaux-arts design, continues to reign supreme as a go-to hotel in Downtown. After admiring the grand lobby, head to the men’s restroom to see the famed art-deco design, the much-talked-about color scheme of lime green and black, terrazzo flooring, and shoeshine station. Snap a photo while you are there.

Downtown Presbyterian Church

Stunning architecture and design leave us mesmerized
Image: Steven Hyatt via Downtown Presbyterian Church

An often-overlooked architectural beauty in Downtown, the Presbyterian Church is one of Beth’s most-loved sights in the city. Egyptian Revival architecture defines the structure, which was built rebuilt twice following two separate fires (the last in 1848). The interior is just as striking with wooden pews, a spectacular pipe organ, trey ceilings, and painted columns. The church is also supportive of local contemporary art, giving artists a place to create and displaying their art throughout the historic building.

Fifth Avenue of the Arts

Downtown: Beth Haley's Neighborhood Guide
Image: The Arts Company

Celebrated for introducing local and world-renowned artists and artwork to Nashville, the galleries that make up 5th Avenue of the Arts attracts art lovers each month during the First Saturday Art Crawl. The monthly event offers the opportunity to see the city’s dedication to art. Rymer Gallery, The Arts Company and Tinney Contemporary are three of the city’s biggest champions of contemporary art. Mark your calendar for next month.

Explore these stops in the heart of the city, and let us know any Downtown spots that inspire you!


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August Newsletter- Happenings

August Newsletter – Happenings

Why hello again! Don’t know about you but we can’t believe it is August or better known the “Sunday of Summer”. We’ve been looking forward to sharing pictures from a job for months and are glad to finally have a second to catch our breath and take a moment to say HI to everyone; hope you have been well! Here’s a peak at what we’ve been up to this summer!

Featured Topic: Hot New Job

These gorgeous photos barely do this space justice. This special project, high among the trees, was a delight for us. It was the dream trifecta- client, location, and design. When all conditions are right, magic can happen! Here’s a little preview of what we have store for you later this month on the blog.

Not every project has a singular, calling card color but this job certainly did. The vibrant yellow became a running theme we carried through the space. The color helps unify the space and makes the home feel whole. 

Working with fantastic architectural details like floor to ceiling windows, angular roof lines, and extraordinary views, we aimed to create a space that felt airy yet grounded. Unique pairings- antique to modern, vintage to contemporary, create a sense of intrigue.

We loved working on this project and can’t wait to share the rest of the
space soon! 
Last but not least, here is an extraordinary transformation from porch tosunroom. Our client loved the layout of their home but felt like they
were missing one space- a casual, sunny gathering space. The design challenge was to find a way to make the space feel like a natural part of the
house –  not an afterthought. 

Featured Vendors: Perennials and Sutherland

You know its summer when you are eyeing every single one of Perennials fabric samples in the showroom and wish we had the entire collection of rugs in stock in the showroom. Perennials has long been one of our favorite performance fabric and textile lines because they offer great quality, longevity, and style. You get it all. This year, we’re completely blown away by their line of block print inspired throw rugs. Great for use indoor or out, these rugs add a handmade, graphic quality that would be the perfect first layer to so many of the spaces we are working on.

Click for more info and to see the great variety of styles available!

Featured: The Newest Addition to the Family

We welcomed not one but two new hires to BHD this summer and already we can’t imagine the office without them! Meet Mia!

MIA – Originally from Kentucky, Mia studied Interior Design at High Point University and moved to Nashville with her husband two years ago after working as a Design Director for a textile firm in NC. Her experience working with textiles help shape her design aesthetic and she is a wiz at mixing textures and patterns to give a space character. Her style is a mix of contemporary, mid-century modern, and industrial. She loves integrating vintage elements, bold abstract art, and architectural design features. When not designing at BHD, Mia loves traveling, riding horses, being outdoors, and exploring the city.

Happenings: Beth out West

Seeing new things is good for the soul and we’ve all loved the glimpse Beth gave us of Colorado. Here we see gorgeous Red Rock Park which is literally owned an operated by the city of Denver. On the lower left is the open air amphitheater where some of the best shows in the country take place year round. Carved into the side of the mountainous hill with views across the horizon, this is a truly spectacular place! Isn’t it amazing how diverse the landscapes are across our great country. Sometimes we take for granted all we have but trips like this always remind us how lucky we are that nature can be this beautiful.

Native American Inspired Design!

Trending for a while now has been the bold colors and graphics of Navajo and American Indian prints.  You can find these gorgeous graphics and patterns on phone cases, jewelry, clothing and last but not least, interior furnishings!

Check out how the bright and colorful graphics transform this modern chair into a fun and festive focal point!

We keep seeing more and more of these native graphics influencing rug and pillow designs.

This NeBe Green blanket is made from re-processed off-cuts by local artisans and is a fun modern twist on traditional, native blankets.

Native pottery is a classic way to bring in some of this rich heritage to your home.  Let’s take a look at how others use this inspiration for their own designs.


Surfacephilia drew inspiration from native American and  other related items like feather, stones, birds and embroidery to create the “Navajo” collection of wallpapers and textiles.


This  geometric pattern was used as a backdrop for this coastal antique store’s windows.

I love how this living room’s layered native graphics are paired with classic modern furniture lines.

And speaking of classic modern lines, check out these Eames rockers adorned in classic Pendletons!!

This kitchen’s clean lines set a perfect stage for the accessories and décor to nod to Native design.

How much fun are these walls?!  F. U. N. fun!

The simple native graphic takes on a whole new feel in this painted ombre colored application!


This gorgeous modern adobe design takes the mixing of native  architecture with modern contemporary furniture to a new level!


This bathroom is from the same house.  The light colored materials and contemporary fixtures work beautifully next to the more traditional native rug and  accessories!


You don’t have to have a traditional native architecture to blend modern with native.  This living room shows that the two styles can complement each other wonderfully despite the architecture!

What are some ways you can incorporate these classic graphics into your décor?

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