Beth Haley’s Neighborhood Guide: Wedgewood Houston

See how Beth Haley spend an afternoon in the Wedgewood Houston neighborhood.

Wedgewood Houston is at the center of Nashville’s ever-expanding art community, with local galleries, studios, and workshops as evidence. A former warehouse district south of downtown, this cutting-edge neighborhood has risen in popularity for young and established makers, appreciators of art, and entreprenuers. Plus, there is plenty to eat and drink at the many restaurants, coffee shops, and breweries.

Humphreys Street Coffee

Wedgewood Houston: Beth Haley's Neighborhood Guide
Image: Humphreys Street Coffee

A bright open space abuzz with locals, this is a coffee shop you can feel good about. Humphreys Street is designed to raise up leaders in the community by employing students and reinvesting their profits into programs and scholarships to support students. And the coffee is as good as the mission.

Fort Houston

Beth Haley's Neighborhood Guide
Image: Fort Houston

An incubator and workspace catering to makers, Fort Houston teems with creative energy. You can schedule a tour of the space, or explore its many offerings during Arts & Music at Wedgewood Houston, a monthly art walk held the first Saturday of each month.


Wedgewood Houston: Beth Haley's Neighborhood Guide
Image: Zeitgeist

Thanks in part to Zeitgeist’s commitment to contemporary art, the Wedgewood Houston neighborhood has gained recognition as a destination for art and artists. The gallery showcases new and established artists with varied approaches to contemporary art, and it is always on our list of places to visit when we are in the neighborhood.

David Lusk Gallery

Wedgewood Houston galleries and restaurants we love!
Image: David Lusk Gallery

David Lusk Gallery is a Memphis transplant that arrived in Wedgewood Houston in 2014 to introduce contemporary artists working in mediums ranging from painting and sculpture to photography and video displayed during group and solo exhibitions.

Dozen Bakery

Beth Haley's Neighborhood Guide
Image: Dozen Bakery

Next door to David Lusk Gallery, Dozen Bakery specializes in fresh bread and pastries. End the day with a baguette sandwich. Upon first bite, the bakery’s commitment to quality will become apparent, and you’ll be ordering a baguette to go.

Consider spending a day in Wedgewood Houston and let us know which neighborhood spots you love.


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Global Inspired Wallcoverings!

Schumacher just recently released Martyn Lawrence Bullard’s global inspired wallcovering collection.  His collection is based on tiles, panels and other graphic entities seen in the palaces and other grand and royal buildings of Morocco, Turkey and India.

This got us thinking, who else uses global inspiration for wallcovering design?

Donghia’s “Looks Like Tapa Cloth”  is a modern take on  the authentic Tapa Cloths of the Pacific Islands.

Maya Romanoff just recently released “Meditation Ohm”, a new philanthropy product that goes towards Aid to Artisans.  This wallcovering is made by Nepalese artist in the mountainous region of the Himalayas where the Lokta plant grows.  This plant’s fiber is typically used to make Buddhist prayer books.  Artist form circular patterns of the Lokta scraps with chopsticks to create this beautiful textured wallcovering.

To find out more about Aid to Artisans please visit  http://www.aidtoartisans.org/

Milan based  designer, Arjumand’s  China Collection is bold, colorful and packed full of graphics!

Arjumand’s The Oriental Louloudo Collection was inspired from Turkey to the Balkans!

A blown up  photograph taken by the father adorns this child’s bedroom walls and carries you to a different time and place!

Elle Decor

Velvet Jade’s Indian inspired wallcoverings carry a super fun twist on the typical Indian motifs!

Velvet Jade

These are not only visually yummy, but tasty as well!  Jade used chili powder to hand flock this pattern.

These two are embellished with Tukmaria  and Tapioca seeds!

Irma Boom has created wallcoverings based on nature from around the world.

Color pallets for each design were taken from the actual site.  Below is from  Waddensea, Netherlands

It’s inspiring to see the different color options as they change from region to region.  Shirakami-Sanchi, Japan on the left and  and Hawaii Volcanoes, USA shown on the right!

And last, but especially not least, is Dan Funderburgh’s Williamsburg Renaissance!  This paper was designed for the Wythe hotel located in his own backyard of the Williamsburg neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY.  Local urban sites and landmarks were the  inspiration of this wallcovering!


Where would you find inspiration from to create your global inspired wallcovering??

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Culturally Inspired Design & Accessories

Your home can be a great way to “showcase” your heritage, your culture. The opportunities are endless. From paintings , fabrics, sculptures and other artifacts, your home can almost become a mini museum! A place where elements of your culture and ancestry can proudly be displayed throughout.




Asian inspired design embodies most of the traits I look for in a bedroom: minimalistic furnishings, clean lines, and an overall feeling of tranquility. Asian inspired design almost always includes natural elements, such as the use of stone and wood for your furnishings and floors.



Animal prints, tribal textiles, and natural elements create an African inspired design. Here are some of our favorite accessories. Geometric and bold, these create a real punch!


I love these modern African inspired textiles for their unusual color combinations and organic patterns!

African Inspired Textiles


The Russian culture itself provides many striking sources of visual inspiration. The country is filled with many enduring landmarks that provide a great visual springboard from which to implement elements of style. From whimsical ballet sets, to iconic metropolitan cities, to inspiring snow-capped landscapes, there are many ways to bring unique hints of Russian style into your home.



An ornate, fanciful and decorative style is characteristic of this look. Colors range from rich, sun-drenched Mediterranean hues to softer, muted shades. Often, one color or fabric is repeated throughout the space. It's characterized by rich details and extensive use of gold, bronze and gilt. Antique furniture, layered dramatic window treatments and abundant fresh flowers fill out a French home.


Design inspiration can come from so many sources. Have your travels or heritage inspired your designs?

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