Passion for Plates!

I have a passion, well, it’s a sickness really.  If you know me, you know I have a plethora of plates!  New, old, vintage, collectables, I love them all!  I have more dinnerware than I can store! Here are a few of my favorites!

I love Heath Ceramics.  They have been churning out great work since 1948.  I love the simplic shapes and mixing together the simple colors they use on their dinnerware.



On the other end of the specturm is Kelly Wearstler’s collection for Pickard China.  It’s stong and bold and the various patterns blend beautifully.  Radiant orchid anyone?  Yes, please!



All time favorite for me is Eva Zeisel.  Especially her designs for Hallcraft.  Beautiful lines and super fun patterns.  Not to boast, but I own this!!



I don’t know about you, but Scandinavian designs always catch my eyes.  Especially when paired with great colors!  Love this Thomas Eyck cup and saucer!



And last but not least is Peter Pincus!  That is a bowl and the back of dinner plates!  These patterns make me jump with joy!!



Of course we could don our dining table with these beauties!  Or covet them in a closed cabinet, but why not put on display for all to see!

Classic Kelly Wearstler’s plate wall at the Viceroy in Santa Monica.



Plates are great way to add an additional solid to your color scheme!


Or, use artistic plates for an artistic statement!


Take it to the next level and define some edges!


What are your passions and how can you incorporate them into your interiors?

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Dining Tables & Extra Seating!

It is the time of year where families are starting to think about where they are going to gather for the holiday's. Is your dining room ready? Here are some great dining room tables, round and rectangular, to accommodate all your guests this holiday season!

Table 1

Table 2Available through BHD.

Table 3

Table 4

Dining room chairs are a place to sit, catch up on life stories, and eat lots of food! Here are some traditional and not so traditional examples.

Chair 2

Chair 1

Chair 3Available through BHD.

Benches are a great seating option;  instead of two people sitting in chairs, three to four people can sit on the bench! Also, a round bench can be placed in the corner for decorative purposes and pulled to the table to accommodate.

Bench 1

Bench 2

Available through BHD.

If your family is anything like mine, extra seating is a must during the holidays! These are some lovely fold up chairs that can be used and then stored once guests and family leave.

The holidays are such a great time of year to relax with and enjoy your family! Is your dining room ready for everyone?

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Guests are coming soon and there is no better time to make a few decorative changes like the present!  Look around.   What accessories do you have that are in need of a little sprucing up?  We’ve thought of a few of our favorites to share!

Do you have that one bowl in the house?  You know, the “catch all” bowl you drop your keys in each night.  The bowl that keeps fruit at a convenience.  Or is it a simple bowl filled with other items to fill the corner of the cocktail table?  We all have them, but do we have the bowl that makes a statement and can stand alone?

Organic and geometric takes on the round bowl!



Simple and sculptural!


Stone—raw and refined!


Will you be putting out fresh flowers during the Holidays?  Getting new indoor potted plants?  Why not take the opportunity to have your vase or pot pose as a piece of art!


Don’t forget the fireplace!  With these screens and accessories your fireplace will look wonderful even without flames!


Fallen in love?  Give us a ring!  All of these are available through BHD!

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