The role of a coffee table book is varied and important. Not only does table literature add to the ambiance of a space and provide endless inspiration, but it also kick-starts conversations. The curated collection of coffee table books at Beth Haley Design gives insight to a world of style — from architecture to interior design to fashion. Let these books, penned by some of the biggest names in those industries, serve as something special to place on your coffee table. Or, take a chance and style them on shelves or side tables.

In Our Collection: Coffee Table Books to Love

The Tin Man

by Charlie Lucas

This coffee table book takes a welcomed approach to art and storytelling whereby the reader is given insight into the history of the artist and the many events that informed his work. Charlie Lucas, a self-taught artist, is known as a great inventor in the field of American folk art. A glimpse into his studio and process reveals his ability to find beauty in every material. His story is moving, and his devotion to art is inspiring. Upon reading this book, you’ll want to hop in the car and head directly to his studio in Selma, Alabama to meet the man himself in person. (Just be sure to call ahead to schedule a tour.)

The Restorative Home: Ecological Houses

by David Hertz

Sustainable residential architecture is showcased in this monograph, chronicling David Hertz’s work over the past 30 years. The relationship shared between architecture and nature informs his practice as an architect. Hertz places importance on how the final design connects to its natural surroundings as well as its occupants. We wholeheartedly agree with his stance on sustainability and find ourselves returning to the pages of this beautiful coffee table book for inspiration.


by Kelly Wearstler

If you are looking to flip through pages filled with color and daring interior design, Hue is a must-have for your collection. The tome is a treasure trove of intriguing interiors characterized by the use of vibrant hues. The text is minimal, but the glossy pages speak for themselves. Through simply looking, you’ll gain an understanding of how to use bold color and texture in a way that works.

In Our Collection: Coffee Table Books to Love

Iris Apfel: Accidental Icon

by Iris Apfel

Iris Apfel’s arresting style is matched by her pointed personality. Iris rose to fame due to her individual sense of style and captivating demeanor. Get to know the interior designer and fashion icon on the glossy pages of her catch-all book. A lifetime of shared stories, up unto this point, are captured in this playful coffee table book and essays, photos and inspiration fill the pages, which you will wish would never end. Thankfully, the book ends on a high note with a section titled: “How to Live to be 200.”

Slow Roads Tennessee: A Photographic Journey Down Timeless Byways

by Jerry Park

Take a trip with Jerry Park through his photographic journal and be reminded of the slower pace of life found away from Tennessee’s urban core. You’ll stumble upon striking images of unchanged land that has housed generations of Tennesseans and their customs. There is nothing like a long country drive to clear your mind and thanks to this coffee table book; you don’t even have to leave your couch to see the sights.

Texas Made/Texas Modern: The House and the Land

by Helen Thompson

The Texas landscape stretches far beyond its town’s and city’s offerings of art, food and architecture and acts as a strong juxtaposition to modern Texas architecture explored in this book. Marfa is only one locale the author visits, but a trip to the small Texas town is what first piqued Beth’s interest in the relationship between the Texas landscape and its architecture. Secluded in the Texas desert, Marfa has become a hot destination for artists and those inspired by the creative culture the small town holds.

In Our Collection: Coffee Table Books to Love

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