Today we are continuing our Elements of Design series! If you have a deep-rooted adoration for interiors, pattern is an element you need to master. Pattern brings all the shapes, lines, textures, and colors of a space together by reflecting small elements of each. It can be added to your home in a variety of ways — from wallpaper to curtains to tile and throw pillows.

Though many people find using pattern in the home a little intimidating, it’s a wonderful way to customize your space and can transform a room from ordinary to eye-catching.

While your home should be a reflection of you, there are a few guidelines worth considering if you are considering adding a splash (or more!) of pattern.

– All photos are from projects by Beth Haley Design (BHD).

Give Patterns Space to Shine

Use patterns sparingly, leaving a place for your eyes to rest. Consider using patterned wallpaper to highlight a specific area of your home and  keep the surrounding areas simple. For example, if you want to use an abundance of patterned throw pillows in a living room, us a solid color on the sofa or chair. By not having everything patterned, you are able to have areas of visual interest that aren’t overwhelming to the eye.

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Incorporating pattern in a small space such as this one allows you to really notice the fun, whimsical details in the wallpaper!

Create Balance with Pattern

To use patterns successfully in your home, remember the element of balance. Consider spreading patterns around the room, instead of packing them into one condensed area. Another tip would be to use a large-scale pattern as the main focal point and combine that with smaller-scale patterns for accents.

Kaplan December

A creative accent wall like this one can change a bland room into something exciting yet balanced.

Consider Adding a Patterned Rug

Another great way to utilize patterns is to add impact with a patterned rug and design the rest of the room around it. A statement rug is a great way to complete your space and tie everything together. After choosing a patterned rug, use complementary colors to layer other elements and textures.

interior design nashville 121

Yellow and blue shades, seen in the pattern of the rug, complement each other well in this design.

Don’t Overthink the Color Palette

Keep the color palette simple and use only a few colors within the design. When using a bold wallpaper with strong color and pattern, add several neutral colors such as white, cream, gray, or black to give some contrast without distracting from the beauty of the wallpaper. Then, choose a pattern that ties all of your chosen colors together. A patterned tile on the bathroom floor or in the shower is a great example of how to do this, or perhaps a patterned accent wall in the kitchen or bedroom.

Edwards Bedroom - Wallpaper

In this bedroom, a black neutral bedspread and white accent lamps are paired with boldly patterned wallpaper and a textured brick wall to ease the contrast.  Bright fuchsia sheets and colorful artwork were added for an additional pops of color.

Whether you introduce some funky wallpaper to your walls, incorporate pattern into furniture and fabrics, or go wild with prints, have fun playing with patterns in your home!


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