What we wear and how we design our homes are very intertwined. Interior design inspiration abounds everywhere in the fashion world, from the glossy pages of a fashion magazine to the runway during fashion week. Though interior designers spend their days as creative masterminds for various clients, even the most innovative designers can find fresh ideas and inspiration from fashion.

So how does fashion influence interior design, and how can we use it as inspiration? Read on to find out!

Sustainable Design Practices

Sustainability is at the forefront of both the fashion and interior design industry. Thrifting your clothes and décor give you a way to develop a specific style that’s personal and unique to you—finding antique pieces, collecting clothing and décor from different time periods, and combining them into one complete look creates an eclectic feel, whether you’re designing a fun outfit or a redoing your home.

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Fashion and interior design intersect on sustainability initiatives.

Interior Design & Fashion Trends

Interior design trends are run concurrently with fashion trends. Sometimes we find our best inspiration from the fashion runways.  It can be a pattern, such as plaid or floral, or a combination of specific materials. Barbiecore, for example, is a feminine, pretty-in-pink aesthetic that has been seen everywhere from summer swimwear and red carpet looks to the rose-colored hues showing up on accent walls, light fixtures, and throw pillows. More recently, coastal grandmother and grand millennial styles have influenced people’s closets and interior spaces.

Kitchen Designer Nashville

Barbiecore is a trend we can get behind. We love how the pinks are sprinkled throughout this kitchen.  The subtle color add depth, contrast and interest in what could be another all white kitchen.

Fashion Designers’ Influence

Fashion designers also play a part in this relationship between style and interiors. The designers at Beth Haley Design gravitate to the colorful, iconic designs of Emilio Pucci for inspiration in our midcentury modern designs. Thankfully, the fashion brand expanded into the world of interior design, so fashion lovers and homeowners alike can shop the collection. Don’t be afraid to try the daring designs in your home. If you have a vintage scarf, frame it and hang it like a piece of art.

Beth Haley Design | Interior Designer in Nashville

Who wants boring? It’s easy to look to the runway, both historical and current, to find inspiration for your home.  The same patterns and colors often spill over from the fashion world into our homes.  Image: aeworld

Fashion Imagery

Instagram is a fantastic way to keep up with fashion designers and trends. The design industry is all about what is pleasing to the eye and senses, which is why following different accounts with gorgeous photos can get your creative juices flowing. Fashion-focused coffee table books and magazines filled with stylish shots from professional photographers are also a great resource when you find yourself in a creative rut.

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There’s truly nothing like spending a rainy afternoon looking through beautiful fashion photos for inspiration for your home. Image: Allure

As you can see, it’s the same element of self-expression in how you put an outfit together, and how you design your home. Both are where you can express your most authentic self as you continue to grow and evolve! Just like that favorite outfit that makes you feel confident, we believe a home designed for you will give you a space you can relax and be yourself.


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