Arguably the most versatile shade of blue, navy works well when paired with neutral, saturated or soft hues, and the color can be easily incorporated into interior design, fashion, art, and even food. A soothing shade that instantly imparts style that is at once timeless and of-the-moment, navy blue can act as a backdrop for layers of color, or it can be the focal point in a space. 

For Beth Haley, “navy has always been a solid, strong, and steady color that grounds a space and exudes confidence. Like the deep blue ocean, classic and reliable navy can radiate a calmness when used on its own or energize a space when paired with one of the many colors it complements.”

Today, we take a look at inspiring ways in which the soothing and sophisticated shade is used and share images that motivate us to incorporate navy blue into our homes and wardrobes.

A cozy space
Image: The Foxes Den

Blue is a cozy color, making the bedroom a fitting place to incorporate the deep tones of navy blue, which will hopefully inspire a deeper sleep.

Sophisticate shade of blue, navy belongs in fashion and interior design.
Image: Theory + Net-a-Porter

A sophisticated shade of blue, navy finds its way into formal fashion. Dare we declare a little navy dress is as necessary as a little black dress?

Navy couches are all the rage — we can see why.
Image: nest

Navy couches are becoming more common in the designs of today, and they look phenomenal when paired with rich hues of green and gray.

Beth Haley Design | Interior Designer in Nashville

Blue belongs everywhere — even on the walls. The bold color is a far-from-boring backdrop to the interesting elements in the space, designed by Beth Haley.

A sweet shot of a timeless color combination
Image: Oroboro Store

The ideal counterpoint to a crisp white, navy works well when it can pop against a neutral tone. In fashion (and interior design), there are few pairings more classic than navy blue and white.

Different shades of blue come together in this thoughtful design
Image: Reid Rolls

Various shades of blue work together in this space, designed by Beth Haley. We particularly love the navy blue fireplace.

A beautiful pie with a color palette we adore
Image: Erol Ahmed

Blues are hiding everywhere, not just in design. This delicious imagery makes us hungry for rich color — and pie.

A sophisticated dining space that doesn't take itself too seriously
Image: Reid Rolls

Another space in which Beth Haley brought various shades of blue into the design, this dining room uses navy chairs, with a geometric pattern, to add energy and personality and meet in the middle of formal and comfortable.

As we mentioned, navy blue and crisp white is a winning combination of colors. In this bathroom, the lines and colors create a clean design that is timeless.

Are you hooked on navy after feasting your eyes on all that navy goodness? We sure are.

Blue isn’t the only color we are crushing on. Chartreuse green is another Beth Haley Design favorite. Read more here.

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