17 07, 2019

Problem Solving: How to Make a Room Look Complete

Art, accessories, rugs, and window treatments are all you need to create a complete design.
21 06, 2019

Color Crush: Navy Blue

Arguably the most versatile shade of blue, navy works well when paired with neutral, saturated or soft hues, and the color can be easily incorporated into interior design, fashion, art, and even food.
5 06, 2019

The Inspiration Behind 3 of Our Favorite Designs

Inspiration abounds, from the glossy pages of a magazine to art on the walls to colors in nature. Here at Beth Haley Design, we look to homeowners to discover where they find inspiration and creatively infuse inspiring elements into their homes.
29 05, 2019

Defining Interior Design Styles

A close examination of the defining individual elements of a space reveal the singular threads of style that run through each category of interior design, from contemporary to eclectic.
17 05, 2019

Beth Haley’s Neighborhood Guide: Wedgewood Houston

Stroll through Wedgewood Houston with Beth as she stops at galleries, eateries, and coffee shops in this growing neighborhood.