17 05, 2019

Beth Haley’s Neighborhood Guide: Wedgewood Houston

Stroll through Wedgewood Houston with Beth as she stops at galleries, eateries, and coffee shops in this growing neighborhood.
1 05, 2019

10 Tiled Spaces You’ll Love

When renovating a kitchen or bathroom, it's likely you'll incorporate tiles as a key design element — or at least you should. Tiles add texture and personality, elevating any space. We tracked down the top tiled kitchens and bathrooms in our portfolio to give you a glimpse at how something as simple as tile can transform the design.
25 04, 2019

Swoon Over This Casual & Inviting Home

Approached with the task of translating traditional, fancy furniture and artwork into an approachable, breezy home, Beth Haley delivered. Take a peek inside this gorgeous Nashville home feature on StyleBlueprint.
29 03, 2019

An Unexpected Way to Incorporate Color

We explore the use of color to highlight architectural features. Each design will leave you saying, "wow."
18 03, 2019

Color Crush: Chartreuse Green

We've got green on the mind. Today, we take a look at Beth Haley Design's signature color: chartreuse. From food to interiors, this color is making an impact.