An Unexpected Way to Incorporate Color

Here at Beth Haley Design, we take an unapologetic approach to color. Pastel pinks, butter yellows, rich reds, vibrant tangerines, light lavenders, and chartreuse greens are only a few of the favorites on our spectrum. Beth invites you to be daring in your color choices, and explore the many ways in which color can be applied to a space. Today, we explore the use of color in highlighting architectural features.


Of course, paint has its place on the wall, but Beth also proves it can be used in myriad manners to enhance architectural detailing and round out a design. In the spaces below, bold colors — punchy pink, mustard yellow, crimson red and cobalt blue — were thoughtfully chosen to highlight singular architectural traits.

An Unexpected Way to Incorporate Color
Image: Nick McGinn

In a home full of statement spaces, there is a prevalence of vibrant hues. In this eye-catching corner, a particularly perfect shade of pink is added to enhance the architectural drama of the gridded windows. The colorful component complements the contemporary elements of design scattered throughout the home.

An Unexpected Way to Incorporate Color
Image: Nick McGinn

A bright burst of blue attracts the eye and offers a vibrant welcome on the front porch. The use of bold color outside gives a taste of what you will find inside. In a home so decidedly dedicated to color, it is only fitting that every space is packed with panache.

An Unexpected Way to Incorporate Color
Image: Andrea Behrends

The unusual lines might pose a problem for some, but Beth called attention to the unique use of space by painting the wall a calming shade of blue. The color evokes feelings of relaxation, which is ideal in a bathroom such as this. Color is incorporated in an unexpected way, again, with art that hangs above the tub.

Image: Nick McGinn

Contrasting colors celebrate the unique architectural lines in this living area. The unpredictable pairing of colors catches your attention without competing with the views they so perfectly frame. This space offers a welcomed reminder that primary colors are meant to be mixed and matched.

An Unexpected Way to Incorporate Color
Image: Andrea Behrends

Cozy up next to this colorful fireplace and embrace the beauty of color incorporated unexpectedly. The rich detailing and layers of color create a focal point that invites conversation. Needless to say, we are green with envy over this fireplace.

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February Newsletter – Love It Or List It

What a pleasure this year’s Nashville Antique & Garden Show show was! The flowers! The art! The antiques! Every year, we feel such pride to call Nashville home as we see the Antique & Garden Show bless our little city with magic. The show always captures our imagination and gives us a big healthy dose of inspiration. This year, it was all about the quality of antiques on display. The variety was incredible and we really fell in love with the contemporary vintage. No shocker there.

All the vintage got us thinking though…Why does some vintage feel so good yet other vintage feel so…wrong? What makes a piece intriguing and another piece stale? We find ourselves asking the questions, “How do you know what to keep or what to look for?” and “How do you know when it’s time to let something go?” 

Keep reading for answers to your questions! 

Featured Topic: Love it or List It?

Clients ask us this question all the time: “Can I keep this piece from my parents? Will it go in the new house?” Let’s dive into the archives and try to pinpoint why we sometimes can love it but sometimes have 

A contemporary living room that is architecturally interesting. The fireplace is chic and the decor is on point. The vintage sideboard feels at home with the modern decor and adds a layer of curiosity to the space.

Vintage doesn’t just apply to furniture. Display what you have and display what you love. The bright antique bowl is perfectly at home with a nice little vanity vignette. It’s sure to intrigue guests.

Talk about a perfect pairing! The secret to this inspiring space is the contrasts. Contemporary architecture paired with heirloom antiques. Often clients worry their collection won’t match the space and in some cases, it’s true. But in this case the unusual mix works because the space is grand enough to hold the furniture and give it space to breathe. The composition feels like it’s a curated corner of a museum, displaying fine works of art and fine examples of period antiques.

Another fine example of unusual pairings – A modern kitchen mixed with what could be called a “decor console” and it WORKS! The ingenious pairing feels fresh, unexpected, and the juxtaposition makes both the kitchen and the vintage piece that much more interesting.

Featured Event: Exciting show at the Frist

Have an afternoon to spare? Indulge in a world class show downtown and enjoy time with some of the best French painters of all time. Van Gogh, Monet, Degas, and Their Times: The Mellon Collection of French Art runs now through May 5 but we have a hunch you might just want to go back for seconds!

When: February 2 – May 5
Where: Frist Art Museum

  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: 10:00 a.m.–5:30 p.m.
  • Thursday and Friday: 10:00 a.m.–9:00 p.m. 
  • Saturday: 10:00 a.m.–5:30 p.m.
  • Sunday: 1:00–5:30 p.m. (Café opens at noon on Sunday) 

For more info click here

Hot Topic: Netflix & Chill

After you watch all the episodes of Tidying Up With Marie Kondoand feel a void fill it up with the delightful Netflix design show Stay Here. Follow along as a talented designer and real estate guru transform lackluster properties into hot Airbnb rentals. Each episode takes place in a new city and tackles a new design challenge. What’s more, each episode is packed with  insightful design & business tips. Marie Kondo inspired us to Tidy up but Stay Here is inspiring us to rent it out!

We’ve watched the first and second episode (Seattle houseboat and Malibu beach house) and we are already hooked! Nothing like an awesome design show to watch during one of the coldest months of the year!

Click here for more info

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Flower Power

Across the world and since ancient times, flowers have held special meaning. The ancient Greeks relied on flowers heavily in mythology as symbols in storytelling. In Victorian times, it was height of society to name your daughter after a flower to imbue purity, beauty, or grace. Modern society has taken the color of flowers, rather the type of flower, to represent different feelings: red means I love you, pink means I like you, yellow means let’s be friends. Yet, digging into the meaning of flowers, we’ve found the meaning of the flower varies greatly between colors and that a yellow iris represents passion but a yellow hyacinth represents jealousy. 

In interior design, color is as integral as any element in the way it shapes the room atmosphere and creates a sense of space. While color theory in interior design is consistent between colors (yellow is yellow is yellow), there there is great variety in the way a pale sunlightended yellow and a bright lightning strike yellow feel. We often pick flowers for arrangements based on color and shape without regard to meaning. Uncovering the nuanced meaning of flowers adds another depth to design. A subtlety that might not be recognized by many but will be appreciated by some. 

Let’s celebrate the start of spring with a peek at some of our favorite blossoms and their meaning. 


admiration | solitude | beauty


heartfelt | gratitude


purity | refined beauty


remembrance | sympathy | success


regard | chivalry | rebirth | eternal life


eloquence | messenger | purifying 


bashfulness | compassion | happy life | happy marriage | good health | prosperity

** Adopted from an article written for House & Home magazine. Please click here to see the complete article as it appeared.

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