10 Tiled Spaces You’ll Love

When renovating a kitchen or bathroom, it’s likely you’ll incorporate tiles as a key design element — or at least you should. Tiles add texture and personality, elevating any space. We tracked down the top tiled kitchens and bathrooms in our portfolio to give you a glimpse at how something as simple as tile can transform the design.

A fun take on an all-white kitchen
Be prepared to be inspired by these tiles.
Images: Nick McGinn

A welcomed spin on an all-white kitchen, this space introduces shades of gray to break up the monotony while maintaining a simple color scheme. On the island and countertops, a solid slab of marble adds a nod of sophistication while the tile sizes and color variations contribute a playful element.

A dreamy space designed for entertaining
Image: Nick McGinn

The use of tile and muted colorways in the nearby butler’s pantry creates a significant impact in a small space. Larger, antiqued mirror tiles were chosen for the backsplash, and the solid marble countertop offer contrast in texture and pattern. Add a cocktail, and the space is complete.

Be prepared to be inspired by these tiles.
Image: Nick McGinn

Subway tiles are a go-to design choice for simple, sophisticated spaces. In this particular bathroom, a vertical line of smaller, grey and white glass tiles offers a dash of contemporary flair without interrupting the clean, minimalist design.

Be prepared to be inspired by these tiles.
Image: Andrea Behrends

No stranger to the incorporation of color, Beth added touches of teal to this serene space to instantly modernize the design. Against a neutral backdrop, teal accents pack a colorful punch.

Be prepared to be inspired by these tiles.
Image: Nick McGinn

A masculine space with dark tones and artful pops of gold, this bathroom exudes modern sophistication. Various tile shapes add visual interest and offer an overall design that is sleek and stylish.

Be prepared to be inspired by these tiles.
Image: Andrea Behrends
Be prepared to be inspired by these tiles.
Image: Andrea Behrends

An approachable kitchen design showcases contemporary and traditional styles. Here, glossy subway tiles stand out. With a visible grout, they are a noticeable element that fit seamlessly into the overall design.

A tiled space to love
Image: Andrea Behrends

The application of marble tile makes this bathroom unique, and the differing patterns flow effortlessly. Within the black-and-white scheme, it’s the basketweave flooring that is the most striking.

Go bold with the tile in your kitchen
Image: Andrea Behrends

Far from boring, this backsplash makes a bold statement. The color story is cool and unexpected, and it is a welcomed departure from all-white. If you are a lover of color, consider pairing various shades of your favorite color in your place.

Be prepared to be inspired by these tiles.
Image: Reid Rolls

A refreshing twist on all-white, this kitchen combines modern design components, including herringbone tiles, contemporary chairs, and globe lights. Hints of color that range from white to gray are found in the small, stylish tiles.

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Artists’ Downtown Retreat

Feast your eyes on one of  Nashville’s chicest condos. This delightful space in the Viridian is the perfect arts district weekend retreat for our clients who are both artists themselves as well as active in the burgeoning art scene. Our work focused on a gut renovation of the kitchen and furnishing the living room. We worked to infuse life and vibrancy into the space as well as provide an expanded floor plan that was more functional and convenient for the client who wants to use the space to entertain and enjoy a break from their more conventional Franklin home. 

From the before pictures below, we see the original kitchen was slightly dated and dark. The original floor plan included a work station desk adjacent to the kitchen that was obsolete to the lifestyle of our client for their downtown retreat. Lastly, the configuration of the existing living room space didn’t take advantage of the condos square footage and lacked seating for entertaining. The only thing we didn’t need to change were the incredible views looking out on our ever-evolving city!
Working with the existing architecture of the space, we made three main adjustments to the floor plan. The first was removing the existing desk adjacent to the kitchen and incorporating that square footage into the kitchen. By removing the desk, we created a longer row of cabinets and moved the fridge from behind the peninsula and created a pantry. The second order of business was reconfiguring the peninsula and adding a custom open shelving display. Lastly, we were able to sneak in a whole additional half wall of cabinets along side of the kitchen by adding custom 12″ deep open shelf cabinets. Not only does it give a handy storage, it provides much needed additional countertop space. Though the kitchen is not huge by any standard, it is efficient, stylish, and perfectly fitting for a downtown weekend retreat. 
Here we see the newly configured back wall. The stove has been recentered off the peninsula and the existing cabinets were replaced by floating hinged door cabinets that play up the horizontal lines of the kitchen. The image below shows off the green backsplash AND the floor to ceiling wall of WOW 3D tile. We love the texture the tile wall lends to the space as well as the visual appeal. We also love that looking straight at the kitchen you see the green but when entering the space, you notice the wall of 3D tile. Lastly, we love seeing Beth in the photo. It is not too often we capture the designer in the space! Go Beth!

This next image shows the new wall of under counter cabinets. It is was such a clever idea to add this feature to the space. A mere 12″ of space gave us so much function and beauty! The white Cambria quartz waterfall edge countertop and the new bamboo hardwoods are high on function and low on maintenance.

Lastly, we have the living room. The sculptural light fixture is an interesting juxtaposition to the rougher exposed concrete ceilings and grounds the seating area. The sleeper sectional sofa provides ample seating and is inviting, chic and a great way to accommodate extra guests for a downtown event.  

The condo has a great collection of local art pieces. We love the personality the artifacts bring to the space and it was a pleasure working with adventurous clients to create this unique space for their family and friends! Hope everyone enjoyed the peek inside our client’s home and is encouraged to visit the arts district for themselves sometime soon!


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Fireclay Tile!

We are in love with Fireclay Tile!  So excited for their newly opened showroom in San Francisco.  Check it out here on their blog!



Their sustainable practices along with 150 different colors and 24 different shapes, make the design possibilities endless and makes our hearts swoon!


Enjoy this time of excitment Fireclay!  We hope to see you in a client’s home soon!!

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