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Maloney Residence | Santa Monica/Venice | Photo credit: Noah Walker

Earlier this summer Beth took a trip to LA to discover Dwell on Design and we are very excited to share some of the highlights from her trip. The pictures she posted while she was there were just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what she saw and experienced. Dwell on Design – if you are not familiar – is a design conference with a modern mindset organized by Dwell Magazine, one of our favorite design publications.

Beech Knoll House | East Side/Hills | Photo Credit: Dana Meilijson

Beth was in design heaven, surrounded by inspiration and creativity, honing her design skills in kitchen design, bath design and sustainability by attending lectures and classes, visiting exhibits on the latest design trends and “LYFT-ing” her way thru 2 days of contemporary home tours.

Black House | East Side / Hills | Photo credit: Ethan Pines

While attending a seminar on design trends, Beth spotted one of our projects featured in the presentation. What a surprise! No one knew it was our project but Beth knew and that was enough excitement.  Here is the project they featured, one many of you will sur?ely recognize and love!

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 6.33.05 PM

Beth Haley Design!

After spending two days touring contemporary California homes, Beth was asked by one of her Lyft drivers what she was going to take back to her own design business.  One noticeable result is an affirmation to stay true to her desire to design for function and simplicity but with an artistic eye and a desired connection between people and nature.

Black House | Mar Vista / Culver City | Photo Credit: Lisa Krutky

One of the most insightful moments of Beth’s trip happened during a late afternoon lecture by California architect David Hertz. He shared highlights from his recent book, “The Restorative Home, Ecological Houses by David Hertz”.  In David’s own words – “I’ve always had a social and ecological concern. The honest expression of materials and structure, a response to climate and a blurring of the boundary between indoors and outdoors are important to me.” According to his books introduction by Michael Webb, David’s projects, “seek to move the client beyond the merely sustainable to the restorative”.  David expands the meaning of restorative “a restorative building is one that gives back more than it takes. It generates more fresh air, nurtures vegetation, harvests energy and captures more water than the building consumes in its lifetime.”

Beth left his seminar ready to rethink existing methods and design solutions yet remain true to her social and ecological leanings. What a refreshing, revitalizing and affirming lecture! Rethinking the use of materials to problem solve for our housing needs, both functionally and aesthetically, can, in turn, create nurturing spaces; spaces that connect us to one another, our environment and our innate needs. For us, design is about feeling and people, making the most from what we have or need. It’s a simplistic design, one that is not carried away for the sake of design or trend, but instead nurtures the human spirit while simultaneously igniting creativity, beauty and human connection.

Beverly Grove Residence | Architect: David Hertz

When we asked Beth what are her biggest takeaways from the trip, she brimmed with excitement and flooded us with ideas!  Use simplified and hardworking materials in creative ways – wood, metal, concrete; expand spaces with outdoor connections creating interesting vistas.

Grand View Residence | Mar Vista / Culver City | Photo credit: Daryl Olesinski

Make the most of all surfaces both horizontal and vertical; open and review site lines – is it purposeful and beautiful?;  mix finishes; add skylights and transoms.

image003 (1)

Maloney Residence | Santa Monica/Venice | Photo credit: Noah Walker

Use nooks and crannies to create special places to connect within a home; add plants – lots of them, indoors and out.

Adelaide Place | Santa Monica / Venice | Photo credit: Sam Frost

Create multipurpose spaces, adding moveable walls to diversify space; use operable windows and glass walls; include sculptural interiors & floating vanities.

Trousdale Residence | East Side / Hills | Photo credit: Squared Design Lab

Vary the heights of floors to create individualized yet open spaces, use fireplaces as artistic sculptures.

Adelaide Place | Santa Monica / Venice | Photo credit: Sam Frost

Use art to create feelings and lighting not only to direct us but also as art and sculpture.  SO MANY IDEAS! We can’t wait to use these ideas in our next project!


Piccus Residence | Santa Monica/Venice | Photo credit:Thomas Story/Rudin Donner Design

When thinking about the outdoor spaces, Beth was reminded to use colorful walls, sculptural plantings, rocks, art sculptures, metal and concrete creating repetition and rhythm and use of pattern in design.

Piccus Residence | Santa Monica / Venice | Photo credit: Thomas Story/Rudin Donner Design

The proper use of vegetation screens and multiple, layered decks can create outdoor rooms, extending the living spaces and connecting the homeowners to nature.

Picccus Residence | Santa Monica / Venice | Photo credit: Thomas Story/Rudin Donner Design

As you can see, Beth is inspired. The trip filled her with design possibilities and she loved having the opportunity to see the results of thoughtful design. “People, problem solving, creating solutions, and being aware of our impact on the environment all while doing it all with an artistic eye is why I love this industry. I hope you are as inspired about your next project as I am. I look forward to us being environmentally creative problem solvers together!”

Adelaide Place | Santa Monica / Venice | Photo credit: Sam Frost

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Nashville Public Art – East Nashville Murals Edition

Has anyone noticed all the murals sprouting up around Nashville? Not a week goes by that we don’t discover a new space being prepped for an installation. Nashville has always been a spectacular city but public art is making it truly fabulous! Join us now for a tour through East Nashville’s mural art installations!

This tour is brought to us by our Office Manager, an avid urban walker, who’s evening strolls might last as much as 3 hours and weekend hikes might last 10 miles. She took these pics for us over the weekend on one of her many outings.


East Nashville has been synonymous with the Tomato festival for years and this ode to the Tomato by Eastside Murals feels right at home. In a way, it reminds of us of the famous “We Can Do it!” poster. East Nashville DOES it!

Next on the tour we have a piece located at Five Points. The colors in this one are beautiful and remind us of the resurgence and attitude of East Nashvillians.  Again, we can’t help but be reminded of another work of art we’ve seen before…


Doesn’t it have a striking resemblance to the Tiffany Clapp piece we featured in the showroom last year? One of the things we love about art is how it opens our minds and creates connections and gives context to our lives. We are always surprised by what our imaginations come up with when we visit a gallery, museum, or now the streets of Nashville!

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 4.57.10 PM

This mural by local artists Jake Elliott and Russ Hagan, is in Lockeland Springs, one of our favorite neighborhoods in the city. We love the cranberry red, cream, and grey color combination. The cool tones fit right in. Also notice how cool the logo is for East Nashville, the way they use the AS in both? Very clever.

lockland edited

Check out this mural painted on a fence! You have to love that creativity and art can find a home just about anywhere.  “A fly over Tennessee” is also located in Lockeland Springs.  Love this collage of ideas and inspiration by Andee Rudloff.


The dense, bold, layered colors remind us of famed muralist / graffiti artist Keith Haring.

Speaking of graffiti, we are trying to distinguish between what is considered graffiti and what is considered mural art. Is the difference simply murals are commissioned and graffiti is uninvited? Or is more a style? These murals at Five Points are created on what seems like temporary walls encasing construction sites though we hope they are here to stay.


Thanks East Nashville for demonstrating your artistic talent and inspiring us all to notice the art around us.  We hope this artistic tour will encourage you to get out and walk Nashville’s neighborhoods.  Hope to see you around!  Get inspired!

Also happening in Nashville right now are two great shows featuring street artists- both locally and internationally known (can you say Bansky?!). Check the websites for Tinney Contemporary and The Rymer Gallery for more info!

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 12.30.31 PM


Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 12.27.31 PM

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What’s Your New Beginning Quiz?

new beginning quiz

As we said in our newsletter, April is the month of new beginnings. As nature is busy blooming, we turn our attention to interior design projects, big and small, that we want to accomplish around the house. Anything from applying a fresh coat of paint, to reupholstering a sofa, to major overhauls. Let’s begin! What’s your new beginning?

new beginning quiz2For simplicity sake, we are starting the quiz with one basic question. Your home: love it, like it, or hate it? Be honest and consider how you truly feel about your home!


new beginning quiz3


Congrats! Loving your home is a very good thing and not always an easy feeling to achieve! Though you love your home, can you think of anything you want to improve? Sometimes improvements are simply meant to enhance an already wonderful space instead of completely overhaul.


Most of us likely fall into this group. We are perfectionists who love our homes but have a hard time admitting it because we always have a list of “items to improve”. If this sounds familiar, know there is no time like the present. Now is the time to tackle that list!


We understand! We’ve all lived in spaces we felt weren’t right for us. If this is you, try to find things you can realistically improve. This can be anything from giving your space some good old fashioned elbow grease to a complete renovation.

Hope this quiz has served as motivation and the catalyst for a new beginning around your home!

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